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Sonic DS
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

Sonic DS is a short demo produced by Sega for the Nintendo DS. It was playable at E3 2004 (the event in which the DS was unveiled to the world), to affirm Sega's commitment to the platform.


To play the game, the stylus must be moved left and right quickly on the touch screen to make a 3D Sonic the Hedgehog move faster. Jumping is possible by touching the top of the touch screen, but hardly necessary as there are few platforming elements. After running for a certain distance the player reaches a new level of "Sonic Speed", which causes the screen to blur. There are multiple levels of speed attainable.

The HUD on the game screen has a timer, Rings, and a bar on the bottom which indicated distance from the finish line. After passing the finish line, a rank was given which was based off the achieved Max Speed, Rings, and the time taken to finish the course, with S being the best rank. A splash screen then appears with a note to "Keep an eye out for SEGA's titles on the DS!".

While the 3D assets are thought to be unique for this demo, design cues are seemingly lifted from Sonic Heroes. 2D graphics and sounds appear to have been borrowed from the Sonic Advance series.


Sonic DS stood as Sega's only Nintendo DS game at E3 2004 (in May), and appears to have been more of a statement of intent than a preview of a new Sonic game. The demo has not been seen since E3, with Sega and Sonic Team later announcing Feel the Magic: XY/XX as their first (real) Nintendo DS game (which would debut in North America in November 2004). Sonic Rush, the first Sonic title to hit the system, would not be announced until the subsequent E3 in 2005, arriving on the system in November of that year.

Some assets from this demo would carry through to Sonic Rush, although the two games play very differently.

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