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Sonic Classic Collection
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System(s): Nintendo DS
Publisher: Sega
Game total: 6
Original system(s): Sega Mega Drive
Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
  • Español
  • Release Date RRP Code Rating
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-02[1] $? TWL-P-VSOE
    ESRB: Everyone
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[2] £? TWL-P-VSOV
    BBFC: Universal (U)
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[3] €? TWL-P-VSOV
    PEGI: 3+
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[4] €? TWL-P-VSOV
    USK: 6
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[5] €? TWL-P-VSOV
    PEGI: 3+
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[6] €? TWL-P-VSOV
    PEGI: 3+
    Nintendo DS
    (Limited Edition)
    2010-03-12 €? ?
    PEGI: 3+
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-12[7] €? TWL-P-VSOV
    PEGI: 3+
    Nintendo DS
    2010-03-11 $? TWL-P-VSOV
    OFLC: General (G)
    Nintendo DS
    (Limited Edition)
    2010-03-11 $? ?
    OFLC: General (G)
    Nintendo DS
    2010 $? NTR-P-B29E
    ESRB: Everyone

    Sonic Classic Collection is a Nintendo DS compilation featuring several Sega Mega Drive Sonic games, with features such as the ability to save mid-game and resume from that point.

    This is a DSi-enhanced title. This makes it incompatible with Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS systems that don't match the game's region, but can still be played on a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite system from any region. It is also only one of two Sega-related DS games to feature DSi enhancements, the other being DS-Pico Series: Sanrio Puroland: Waku Waku Okaimono: Suteki na Oheya wo Tsukurimasho!

    The compilation was confirmed to be in development 11 November 2009 when the compilation was listed, along with the included game list, on the BBFC website.[8] On 18 November, Nintendo of Australia posted a news article which revealed the compilation was to be released on the Nintendo DS.[9] It was released on 2 March 2010 in North America.[1]

    Game list


    Sonic Classic Collection uses a modified version of jEnesisDS by Stephan Dittrich, who was hired by SEGA and was the lead DS programmer of this game. The ROMs used in this game were modified to not show features that a single DS couldn't use, such as 2 Player modes in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, as well as other things such as Sonic 2's options screen and Level Select. Additionally, the Start button on the DS is generally disabled, with the player pausing the game by using the touch screen, which actually pauses the emulator. As a result, several, but not all of the original cheats are rendered defunct (see below). The ROM images were modified to take advantage of a bug in jEnesisDS that effectively makes them unusable in other emulators.

    Strangely, the mid-boss music in Sonic & Knuckles is replaced with the Sonic 3 mid-boss music, however the same does not apply to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Also, in every game, when Power Sneakers are used, the pitch is affected too, as the songs in this collection are being streamed instead of synthesized.

    When played on Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS, the emulator will take advantage of the systems' extra RAM and higher CPU clock speed to run with a better performance..

    Cheat codes

    Since the games in the collection were modified for use on the Nintendo DS, some cheat codes that worked in the Mega Drive originals do not work in this collection. Any cheats that were enabled by button combinations will still work. Which cheats are available and which aren't are as follows:

    • Sonic the Hedgehog - All of the original cheats work as this game used button combinations to unlock cheats, except the player has to use the Y button instead of the A and C buttons.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - The only cheat that works for Sonic 2 is the "Change Tails' name to Miles in the HUD" cheat. All other cheats cannot be enabled as the options menu has been disabled.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - The Level Select cheat can be entered, but it is not possible to press Start after the code is enabled as needed.
    • Sonic & Knuckles - The level select cheat is still enabled, but requires the player to get a Game Over or finish the game to use it.
    • Knuckles in Sonic 2 - All of the original cheats work, except the player has to use the Y button instead of the A button.
    • Sonic 3 & Knuckles The Level Select cheat can be entered, but it is not possible to press Start after the code is enabled as needed. It is possible, however, to hold Y after getting a Game Over to be able to access the ability to use edit mode the original way at Mushroom Hill Zone.

    Action Replay codes exist, which allows one to enter the level select screens.

    Emulation bug

    The jEnesisDS emulator incorrectly emulates $Axxx and $Fxxx instructions as if they were $6xxx instructions. The $Axxx opcodes were typically used to implement system calls on 68000-based computers, and the $Fxxx opcodes were used for floating-point coprocessors. Since the Genesis doesn't run an operating system or have a floating-point unit, these opcodes are typically unused. (These opcodes trigger the Line 1010 and Line 1111 emulator traps in the Motorola 68000 CPU. If you've ever seen the "LINE 1010 EMULATOR" or "LINE 1111 EMULATOR" error in Sonic the Hedgehog or other games, that means one of these opcodes was executed, and the game doesn't have any function to handle it.)

    For whatever reason, when jEnesisDS encounters an $Axxx or $Fxxx opcode, it handles it as if it's $6xxx. The 6-line opcodes are used as conditional branches; that is, if a certain condition is met, the CPU will branch to another part of the program. The Sonic Classic Collection developers decided to randomly change all of the $6xxx opcodes in the games to $Axxx or $Fxxx, resulting in a ROM image that functions normally on jEnesisDS, but breaks horribly on all other emulators.

    In order to fix this bug, the $Axxx and $Fxxx opcodes need to be changed back to $6xxx in the ROM images, or an emulator needs to be hacked to handle these opcodes as if they were $6xxx opcodes. (Doing the latter option may break some obscure ROMs that depend on the A-line and F-line emulator traps.)


    Also included with the game is an art gallery featuring 27 Sonic pictures previously seen in Sonic the Screen Saver.



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    Production credits

    The Creative Assembly Australia
    • Lead Programmer: Craig Allsop
    • Senior Programmers: Dmytro Dudnikov, Grigoriy Podgorny, Martin Valigursky
    • Art: Brooke Luder
    • Cinematics and Audio: Jeff van Dyck
    • QA Manager: Kevin Wright
    • QA Lead: Terry Greisbach
    • QA Testers: Ben Hanley, Andrew Pender, Simon Connolly
    • Production: Kim Sellentin
    • Development Director: Artem Kulakov
    • Systems Administrator: Matthew Pawlowski
    • Studio General Manager: George Fidler
    Sega Europe Limited
    • CEO: Naoya Tsurumi
    • President/COO Sega West: Mike Hayes
    • Managing Director, European Development: Gary Dunn
    • Director of European Marketing: Gary Knight
    • Head of External Development: Jim Woods
    • Technical Director: Chris Southall
    • Executive Producer - US Titles: Katrin Darolle
    • Senior Producer - US Titles: Charlie O'Connor
    • Head of Brand Marketing Entertainment: David Corless
    • Marketing Assistant: James Bray
    • Sega Technology Group Project Manager: Murray Rigluth
    • Head of Technology Group: Ashley Thwaites
    • Lead DS Programmer: Stephan Dittrich
    • Senior Artist: Richard Tawn
    • Publishing Manager: Lee Harris
    • Head of European PR: Lynn Daniel
    • European PR Manager: Alexander Ross
    • European PR Executive: Luisa Mari
    • Head of Creative Services: Alison Peat
    • Creative Services: Morgan Gibbons, Akane Hiraoka, Arnoud Tempelaere, Francesca Stella, Ranjan Vekaria, Ed Bostock
    • Director of Business Planning and Operations: Yusuke Suai
    • Purchasing Manager: Caroline van Venrooji
    • Production Manager: Natalie Cooke
    • Online Marketing Manager: Mike Evans
    • Head of Online Services: Adam Hance
    • Senior Community Manager: Martin Snelling
    • Head of Legal and Business Affairs: Nicky Ormrod
    • Legal Counsel: Polly Bennett
    • Legal Executives: Saad Choudri, Jonathon Moss
    • Licensing Manager: Nivine Emeran
    • Head of Development Services: Mark Le Breton
    • Production Managers: George Cover, Ben Howell
    • Resource Manager: Ben Jackson
    • Localisation Manager: Marta Lois Gonzalez
    • Localisation Project Supervisor: Giuseppe Rizzo
    • Translators: Antonella Marras, Antonio Catanese, Carole Kunzelmann, Jesus Alvarez, Marco Borrelli, Nicole Thomer, Daniela Kaynert, Jay Bannmuller, Luis J. Paredes, Ronan Salon, Sebastián Pérez Salguero, Alexis Baudon
    • Mastering, Equipment and Submissions Manager: Dave Pither
    • Senior Mastering Tech: John Hegarty
    • Senior Mastering Engineer: Jigar Patel
    • Mastering Engineers: Phil Adams, Arian Bavarz, Cary Vidal
    • Equipment Coordinator: Roy Boateng
    • Functionality Supervisor: Julie Metior
    • Project Lead: Dean Powell
    • Project Monitor: Adrian Daly
    • Testers: Stephen Roberts, Omar Malick, Sacha Allari
    • Standards Supervisor: Martyn Sibley
    • Standards Coordinator: Mohammed Ajaib
    • Senior Standards Technician(s): Lawrence Donohue, Hiroaki Saito
    • Standards Technician(s): Aaron Wright, Cornell Walker, Luke Harris, Russell Keawpanna, Martin Walker
    • Language QA Coordinator: Alessandro Irranca
    • Senior Language Team Lead: Tulay Tetiker
    • Language Team Lead: Ruggero Varisco
    • Language Senior Tester: Rafael Bermudez
    • Language Testers: Marcus Laqua, Piero Albertini, Yann Eric D'Addario
    • Administration and Finance Coordinator: Chris Bien
    • QA Administrator(s): Chris Geiles, Martha Mulett, Aman Zadran
    • Shift Monitor(s): Tony Langan, Chris J Bailey
    Sega UK
    • UK Marketing Director: Amanda Farr
    • UK Senior Product Manager: Jo Fawell
    • UK Product Manager: Ben Payne
    • UK PR Managers: Fay Burgin, Stefan McGarry
    • UK Channel Marketing Manager: Clare Hawkins
    Sega International
    • International Sales Director: Alison Gould
    • International Senior Account Manager: Simon Inch
    • International PR Executive: Gemma Willocks
    Sega Germany
    • Managing Director: Markus Wiedemann
    • Marketing Manager: Henning Otto
    • Product Manager: Chinh Vu
    • PR Executive: Susanne Ortega
    Sega Spain
    • Managing Director: Javier Fuentes
    • Senior Product Manager: German Fritsch
    • PR Manager: Diana Radetski
    Sega Benelux
    • Managing Director: Jurgen Post
    • Head of Marketing: Johan de Windt
    • PR Manager: Roel Peeters
    Sega France
    • Directeur Général Europe du Sud: James Rebours
    • Responsable Marketing: Thomas Grellier
    • Chef de Produits: Nicholas Dicker
    • Responsable RP: Franck Sébastien
    • Attachée de Presse: Alaxandra Fiore
    Sega Australia
    • Managing Director: Darren MacBeth
    • Marketing Manager: Gareth Gower
    • Junior Product Manager: Neroli Harpur
    • PR Manager: Vispi Bhopti
    • PR Executive: Rebecca Charalambous
    Sega America
    • CEO: Mike Hayes
    • COO & President: Masanao Maeda
    • Executive VP of Corporate Planning: Hitoshi Okuno
    • VP of Marketing: Sean Radcliffe
    • Senior VP of Sales: Brad Wildes
    • VP of Content: John Whitmore
    • Senior VP of Product Development: Bret Berry
    • Lead Technical Director: Jeremy Sherlock
    • Development Operations Director: John Merlino
    • Senior Producer: Jason Kuo
    • Assistant Producer: Eric Ruud
    • Senior Director of Marketing: Rick Naylor
    • Senior Brand Manager: Judy Gilbertson
    • Associate Brand Manager: Ken Balough
    • Senior Public Relations Manager: Tali Fischer
    • Associate Public Relations Manager: Elvin Gee
    • Public Relations Coordinator: Aaron Palacios
    • Senior Manager Creative Services: Jen Groeling
    • Associate Production Manager: Heather Lucchetti
    • Advertising and Production Specialist: Mary Disbrow
    • Graphic Designer: Marco Garcia
    • Video Production Manager: Carl Smolka
    • Assistant Editor: Greg Ammen
    • Director, Online and Community: Brandon Laurino
    • Senior Web Producer: Marjorie Puruganan
    • Senior Web Designer: Annie Shaw
    • Community Manager: Kellie Parker
    • Associate Community Manager: Julian Mehlfeld
    • Assistant Community Manager: Aaron Webber
    • QA Manager: Mark Cartwright
    • QA Supervisors: Demetrius Griffin, Shawn Dobbins
    • Mastering Supervisor: Rey Buzon
    • Hardware Specialist: Matt Ellison
    • QA Lead: Lee Frohman
    • QA Assistant Lead: Daniel Pangelina
    • QA Tester(s): Tony Lo, Andrew Hutcheson
    • Standards Supervisor: Stephen Akana
    • Standards Leads: Christine Letheby
    • Standards Assistant Leads: Lisa Bonifacino
    • Standards Testers: Kirsten Coleman, Justin Edwards, Jayson Cook, Anthony Aguilar, Niroth Keo, Kwang-Hi Cho
    • Special Thanks: Junior Sison
    Source: In-game credits


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    Magazine articles

    Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: sega:Sonic Classic Collection/Magazine articles


    Box art

    Physical scans

    Segaretro-round.svg Reception »
    Nintendo DS, US
    SCC US cover.jpg
    SCC US Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, EU
    SCC EU cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, UK
    SCC UK cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, FR
    SCC Fr cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, DE
    SCC Ger cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, ES
    SCC Spa cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, ES (Limited Edition)
    SCC DS ES le back.jpgNospine-small.pngSCC DS ES le front.jpg
    Nintendo DS, IT
    SCC Ita cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, AT
    SCC Ger PEGI cover.jpg
    SCC UK Cart.jpg
    Nintendo DS, AU
    SCC Aus cover.jpg
    Nintendo DS, AU (Limited Edition)
    SCC DS AU le back.jpgSCC DS AU le left.jpgSCC DS AU le front.jpgSCC DS AU le right.jpg
    SCC DS AU le tin.jpg
    SCC DS AU le card1.jpg
    Card 1
    SCC DS AU le card2.jpg
    Card 2
    SCC DS AU le card3.jpg
    Card 3
    SCC DS AU le card4.jpg
    Card 4
    SCC DS AU le card5.jpg
    Card 5
    Nintendo DS, CA
    SCC DS CA cover.jpg
    SCC US Cart.jpg

    Technical information

    ROM dump status

    System Hash Size Build Date Source Comments
    Nintendo DS
    CRC32 7344df65
    MD5 648553b5bc1898abe5fd7ab33c32ccf4
    SHA-1 318921fb54e022e2bce16eef6e717552027a7d22
    64MB Card (US) DSi Enhanced SonicClassicCollection DS icon.png
    Nintendo DS
    CRC32 d58e1404
    MD5 4ce2b4c97a633776b093384feb451382
    SHA-1 afdb8f197813cea4f900f19211619a0e38be06d6
    64MB Card (EU) DSi Enhanced SonicClassicCollection DS icon.png
    Nintendo DS
    CRC32 d58e1404
    MD5 4ce2b4c97a633776b093384feb451382
    SHA-1 afdb8f197813cea4f900f19211619a0e38be06d6
    64MB Card (AU) DSi Enhanced SonicClassicCollection DS icon.png

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