Deep Typhoon

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Deep Typhoon
First seen: Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)
Users: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Blaze the Cat, Marine the Raccoon
Created by: Miles "Tails" Prower

The Deep TyphoonMedia:SonicRushAdventure DS US manual.pdf[1] (ディープタイフーン) is the fourth watercraft which can be ridden in Sonic Rush Adventure. This submarine enables Sonic, Tails, Blaze and Marine to make further explorations away from Southern Island to places that previous watercraft cannot reach.


Sonic Rush Adventure incorporates a unique "Overworld minigame" for accessing the traditional platforming stages; this taking the form of an ocean voyage between islands, taken on whichever watercraft can best navigate the ocean conditions. The Deep Typhoon differs from other watercraft in that it travels underwater rather than on the ocean surface. It is built to handle the pressure from the deepest waters of Blaze's world and thus has the longest range of any watercraft in the game. However, it shares a similar limitation with the Ocean Tornado in that it cannot cross shallow water.

Deep underwater, Captain Whisker's pirate fleet is stronger than his normal pirate fleet, with robotic sharks and submersibles all over the place, making the Deep Typhoon the most difficult to safely convey to its destination. While Tails automatically steers the sub, it is up to the player to clear out Whisker's forces using the Touch Screen to control the front-mounted cannon. This is done by waiting for the target markers to overlap an enemy and then tap on them to shoot it, though some targets may require the player to keep the stylus on the target and slide it in time with the target's movements. Doing this too early or too late will cause the attack to fail. Rings and Repair Item Boxes can be collected by simply touching them with the stylus.

Material requirements

The following Materials are required to construct the Deep Typhoon and to apply further upgrades:

Upgrade level Materials required
To build Blue Material x1
Iron Material x1
Green Material x1
Bronze Material x1
Red Material x2
Silver Material x2
Aqua Material x5
Gold Material x5
First upgrade Red Material x3
Silver Material x3
Aqua Material x3
Gold Material x3
Black Material x3
Second upgrade Red Material x5
Silver Material x5
Aqua Material x5
Gold Material x5
Black Material x5


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