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Captain Whisker's scurvy band o' pirates are the foes faced by Sonic and Blaze in great numbers during Sonic Rush Adventure. From the robotic pteranodons of Plant Kingdom to the artificial ghosts of Haunted Ship; the armoured gunships of the open seas and the gem-powered behemoths of the Ghost-series bosses; Whisker's army is a mechanical killing machine matched in extent only by the firepower of his navy.

The hordes of robotic soldiers and ships encountered in the Sol Dimension are presumably the craftwork of Eggman Nega; during the Last Story cutscene, Eggman confesses that "we got a band of pirates together to go on a little search for [the Jeweled Scepter]". With the defeat of Whisker at Big Swell and later the Eggmen in Deep Core, the pirates are presumably eliminated as a threat in Blaze's world before Sonic and Tails return to their own dimension.

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