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The first pieces of Material acquired from Whale Point.

MaterialsMedia:SonicRushAdventure DS US manual.pdf[1] are collectable objects that appear in Sonic Rush Adventure and the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World. These are Sol Dimension and Lost Hex substances that are useful in creating naval vessels, RC Vehicles, buildings, and other useful constructions.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush Adventure

Tails picks up a book from Marine the Raccoon at the start of the game, which describes how to combine various metals and jewels together to make boats. Over the course of the game, Tails uses Material to construct four principal watercraft, as well as other frighteningly complicated machines like the Magma Hurricane. It is up to Sonic and Blaze to collect as much Material as they can by clearing Acts and defeating bosses.

Material comes in various forms:

The player receives a certain amount of Material after completing a large island Act (excluding Whale Point), based upon the Rank the player receives:

  • "S" Rank - 4 Materials
  • "A" Rank - 3 Materials
  • "B" Rank - 2 Materials
  • "C" Rank - 1 Material

Sonic Lost World

In the 3DS version of this game, Tails uses Material to create RC Vehicles and/or "upgrade" Tails' Lab (which is essentially making the lab bigger in size). There are a total of ten different types of Materials in the game:

The player receives a certain amount of Material after completing a Zone, based upon the Rank the player receives:

  • "S" Rank - 15 Materials + 3 Bronze Materials
  • "A" Rank - 10 Materials + 1 Bronze Material
  • "B" Rank - 7 Materials
  • "C" Rank - 5 Materials
  • "D" Rank - 3 Materials


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