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Tails holding the Miles Electric in Mazuri.

The Miles Electric is a multi-functional portable computer used by Tails in Sonic Unleashed and later games where it eventually became his signature item. The machine can be connected to the Tornado-1 to use as a control interface, and it also allows Tails to talk via videophone to Professor Pickle and show Sonic any interesting tidbits of information. The device is usually shown on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 Unleashed loading screens, often displaying handy controller hints on how to perform Sonic's various special moves.

In Sonic Colours, Tails uses the Miles Electric to translate the language of the Wisps. In the Wii version, the device has great difficulty deciphering the Wisps' alien language, but by making further adjustments to the device are Sonic and Tails able to gather information from Yacker, with Tails finally perfecting the translation by the end of the game. In the DS version, the device is able to perfectly translate the Wisps' language from the get-go. The device itself seems to have been given some slight aesthetic changes as well, with only one black handle on the left and its corners are slightly round in shape.

In Sonic Lost World, the Miles Electric is again used to contact Amy and Knuckles, who have their own Miles Electric device, via videophone on the current status of Sonic's world during the story. Tails also uses it to analyze Zeti powers and how the Cacophonic Conch affects them. After Tails is kidnapped, Sonic uses the Miles Electric to try and make further contact with Amy.

In Sonic Forces, Tails attempted to use the Miles Electric to analyze Infinite during his first battle with Sonic. However, the device could not make any sense of the readings it got from Infinite, and Sonic was ultimately defeated before the device could get a more accurate reading.


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  • Despite his real first name 'Miles' rarely being used in the series, Tails named this device for his actual name.
  • Tails claims that the translations the Miles Electric can do are in binary, but when we see the screen, it's actually in hexadecimal.
  • When we finally see the screen at the end of Sonic Colours, the first two lines of hex translate exactly into what Yacker is saying, but the last line at the bottom reads "If you can read this, you're a geek!"


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