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Game: Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Level: Desert Ruins

Zomom is the second boss of Sonic Lost World, serving as the recurring boss of Desert Ruins.


Zomom is encountered at the end of Desert Ruins where he will ride atop the giant totem head that stalked Sonic throughout Zone 3. During the battle, the totem head will bounce after the player and spit out fireballs that will home in on the player for a short while. The head and its attacks are easily avoidable by running away, though. To deal damage, the player must get behind the head and strike the crystal on its back using the Homing Attack. This won't be as easy, as there are totem blocks lying around that are also Homing Attack targets.

When Zomom yells "You're the worst meal EVER!", the totem head will rush at the player and fall down on its back, launching a volley of fireballs into the sky that will home in on the player. After doing this attack, Zomom and the totem head will be tired out, allowing the player to repeatedly attack the Zeti. Eventually, the totem head will be destroyed, leaving Zomom to fend for himself. He will then dash toward the player with his arms flailing out, but this attack is relatively easy to avoid. After whacking him with enough Homing Attacks, Zomom will be defeated. The player may also use the Indigo Asteroid Color Power to collect the tile blocks and deal significant damage to the totem head, and even knock out Zomom in one hit after the totem head is destroyed.

This battle is repeated in Lava Mountain Zone 1, following the battle with Zazz. In this rematch, Zomom has more health and has a new attack when he is on his last hit point, where he will burrow underground and pursue Sonic.


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