Master Zik (Sonic Lost World 3DS boss)

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Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Master Zik
Master Zik
Game: Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS)
Level: Tropical Coast

Master Zik is the third boss of Sonic Lost World, serving as the recurring boss of Tropical Coast.


Master Zik is encountered at the end of Tropical Coast where he will surround himself in a force field made of fruit to protect himself. He will then attack the player by shooting electrified fruit after them. However, the fruit is only electrified on one side, allowing the player to jump over it and send it back after him with a Homing Attack, making a gap in his force field. The player must be quick to strike him, as he will then follow after the player and run them over with his force field. After taking enough damage, Zik will summon a giant spiked lychee nut after the player, which must be destroyed by attacking the side without spikes, releasing a Yellow Wisp. The player can then attack Zik with Yellow Drill for critical damage.

This battle is repeated in Lava Mountain Zone 3, preceding the battle with Zavok. In this rematch, Zik has more health and his attacks are harder to avoid.


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