Desert Ruins

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Desert Ruins
For the Nintendo 3DS version of this level, see Desert Ruins (Sonic Lost World 3DS). For the Sonic Runners version of this level, see Desert Ruins (Sonic Runners).
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Desert Ruins
Second world, Sonic Lost World
Number of Acts: 4
Location: Lost Hex
Level themes: desert/western, ancient ruins
Boss: Zomom
Non-English names:
  • JP: デザートルーインズ
Windy Hill | Tropical Coast

Desert Ruins is the second world of Sonic Lost World, themed after a generic desert with puzzle-filled pyramids and obstacles such as cacti. At the end of the world, Sonic kicks away Dr. Eggman's Cacophonic Conch, causing the scientist to lose control of the Deadly Six.


Zone 1

In Zone 1, the player traverses a very open-spaced desert full of quicksand, rolling cacti and giant sandworms, using the Crimson Eagle Color Power to soar over the quicksand. The player will also go through the desert temples, which are vertical climbs full of sandworms that will try to gobble up Sonic. Another feature are streams of sand that send Sonic sliding in a given direction.

Zone 2

Zone 2 is an automated running level similar to the "Mach Speed" segments of previous 3D titles, featuring the player running down a highway of honeycombs while destroying chains of Galaga Bees and avoiding Buzzers and Balkiries before ending with a fight against Zomom. Running into any of the walls in this act constitutes an instant death. Another obstacle to watch out for are badniks that will fling honey into the screen, making it harder to see what's going on. Due to the abundance of lives, this Zone is ideal for life-grinding.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is an entirely 2.5D place with many sweets, cakes, donuts and ice cream like with Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors. In fact, the title card also shows "Dessert Ruins", with the second "S" added in as a correction to form a pun. Running along on the liquorice highways, Sonic will encounter Antons that must be defeated with Flying Kicks. Sonic can also jump on truffles fired out of cannons to climb higher.

Zone 4

Zone 4 is a slow-moving auto-scroller with a lethal sand tornado that chases Sonic. Halfway through the stage, the player has to use the Yellow Drill Color Power to traverse through the sand, then run from another sand tornado until they fight Zomom again.


Desert Ruins doesn’t just offer huge desert plains to discover and huge sandstorms to escape from… Sonic the Hedgehog must also explore the sweet-filled ‘Dessert’ Ruins and a giant bee hive!

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Other game appearances

Sonic Runners

Sonic Retro emblem.svg Main article: Desert Ruins (Sonic Runners)

Desert Ruins was also featured as a special event stage in Sonic Runners for a limited time with its own story. As an event stage, Desert Ruins was suitable for all three types of characters.

Sonic Runners Adventure

Desert Ruins is the second stage playable in Sonic Runners Adventure unlike the stage presented in Sonic Runners, which was an event stage. During the hunt for Dr. Eggman, Sonic is injured in the teleportation from Green Hill to Desert Ruins, and Tails tells him to rest. After this, the fox boy talks to the local animals about Eggman, and then finds Eggman's fortress and a horde of Badniks to fight. After taking on the fortress, Tails regroups with Sonic and the two chase the doctor. As soon as they get going, a new horde of Badniks approach them, which Tails manages to defeat, but Eggman escapes.



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