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Dark Energy Key from the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed.

Dark Energy Keys are items that appear in some of the Night Stages from the PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed. They serve to deactivate Dark Energy Force FieldsMedia:SonicUnleashed PS2 US manual.pdf[1].


These items appear exclusively in the following Night Stages, along with their respective Force Field:
Windmill Isle — Act I: Moonlit Town
Windmill Isle — Act III: Hill Beneath Starry Skies
Rooftop Run — Act I: Alleys of Spagonia
Rooftop Run — Act III: The Great Aqueduct
Cool Edge — Act III: The Temple of Ice
Eggmanland — Level 4: To Zero Point

When the Dark Energy Force Field spawns, it will prevent your progression through a certain point of the level. In order to deactivate it, you must gather the three Dark Energy Keys scattered around the areas leading to the Force Field and bring them to it. A counter with the number of Dark Energy Keys you currently have will appear on the top-left side of the HUD once the Force Field spawns. As soon as you bring it down, the counter vanishes.



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