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Savannah Citadel
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Savannah Citadel
Mazuri's level, Sonic Unleashed
Number of Acts: 9 (Xbox 360/PS3+DLC) or 0 (Wii/PS2)
Level themes: ancient ruins, plains
Boss: Egg Beetle
Windmill Isle | Rooftop Run

Savannah Citadel and its hub town Mazuri form the third area visited in Sonic Unleashed and belong to the First Continent alongside Apotos and the Windmill Isle. It is known as Clay Castle (クレイ キャッスル kurei kyassuru) in the Japanese version of the game, Sonic World Adventure. Set in an African savannah, the level's centrepiece is an enormous building based on the Great Mosque of Djenné: the largest mud brick structure in the world.

Features include poles on which Sonic can swing and a large amount of 2D sections. Nighttime Act 1 introduces pulling/pushing boxes to trigger switches, and pulling rotating levers. Act 2 is a long and challenging balance beam stage.

This level is not in the Wii or PS2 versions. Although the Boss, Egg Beetle appears in this version.


Mazuri's flag

After a brief fly-by visit to Spagonia revealed that Professor Pickle had been kidnapped by Eggman, Sonic, Tails, and Chip follow their trail to Mazuri. As the Werehog, Sonic fights through Savannah Citadel Night Act 1 to reach the Eggman facility where the Professor is being held. While the elderly academic seems more concerned in complaining about Robotnik's inferior cucumber sandwiches, the heroes free him and recover the Gaia Manuscripts. A brief return to Spagonia in order to repatriate the Professor sees Sonic assigned to seek out the Gaia Temples, in order to relight the Chaos Emeralds and thence fix the planet.

Eggman and SA-55 are in the town on Sonic's rearrival, threatening the villagers to find where the Temple of Gaia is himself. Sonic destroys his Egg Fighters and pursues Eggman towards the Temple in Savannah Citadel Day Act 1. After the fight against the Egg Beetle, Sonic and Chip enter the Gaia Temple and restore the green Chaos Emerald, which puts one piece of the planet back in its rightful place.

Town - Mazuri

Sonic and Chip with Gwek and Yawa.
Exotic wild animals are a frequent sight near this village built on reddish-brown soil.

— World map description


Gwek- (グウェク) The village elder of Mazuri. He has a habit of slipping into tales of his own heroism when in good spirits. These tales grow more exaggerated every year, to the point where he has now punched out entire waves of wayward elephants with one hand tied behind his back. Truth be told, though, Gwek is not all that fond of danger.

Kwami- (クワミ) A calm and collected man who seems a likely candidate to be the next village elder. He appears to possess some sort of spiritual power, as he can often be spotted murmuring up at the heavens. Kwami's daughter Ana has been the cause of many a headache for him lately.

Essie- (エシー) A plucky mother of eight and undeniable whiz in the kitchen who somehow manages to feed her entire family after only a half hour in front of the stove. Essie actually wanted more children, but her husband (who has since passed away) supposedly drew the line at eight.

Yawa- (ヤワ) A rowdy, talkative boy who idolizes Gwek and swallows the elder's tall tales hook, line, and sinker. Not long ago, Yawa journeyed into the savannah to punch out elephants, but got lost. Thankfully, he made it home without incident.

Kofi- (コフィー) A man who runs a shop in the village. He really ought to have packed up and left by now, but he just couldn't be bothered. Many would call Kofi "unsociable," but he prefers the term "socially challenged."

Ana- (アナ) Kwami's daughter, who longs to meet her true love. She believes her prince in shining armor is out there in the world, somewhere. The way she tells it, the two of them will meet, their eyes will lock and they will "Just Know." Reasoning with Ana is like squeezing juice from a rock.

Kwod- (クーウォド) Essie's boy. Every once in a while a child is born in the village with a strange sixth sense and the ability to speak with the unseen. Kwod happens to be one of these.

Yaya- (ヤヤ) Essie's youngest daughter, a tyke so bashful she'll take off at so much as a hello. According to Essie, Yaya has always been that way: right after the girl was born, she let out a tiny wail and clammed up a second later like she was embarrassed.

Hot Dog Vendor- (ホットドッグ屋) The manager of the Don Fachio hot dog mega-franchise's Mazuri location. As the chain's most mysterious man, he knows how to mix up one high-volume, high-energy dog.

Secret Soundtracks

In the Wii/PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed, certain villagers can offer you the following items if you talk to them, one during the night and the other during the day:

ItemBoxUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 34
ItemBoxUnleashed.png Secret Soundtrack 35

Acts - Savannah Citadel (360/PS3)

Main Game

Day Act 1

The main Day stage has Sonic racing throught the mud citadel and surrounding forest, looking to get to the Temple of Gaia before Robotnik. Look out for the scrubgrass which saps your ability to use Sonic Boost.

Day Act 2

A notoriously frustrating 3-lap level designed around the Speed Drift move, Act 2 is set high in the treetops on a roadway with no safety barriers, and a 1:15 time limit. Be prepared to hemorrhage lives as you sail over the edge of the track after a Sonic Boost every 5 seconds. It is actually possible (and, indeed, often easier) to complete this level without using the Speed Drift at all; just turn really hard and really fast in Sonic's normal run.

Day Act 3

Act 3 is a short 2.5D lap level around the giant tree as seen at the end of Act 1.

Night Act 1

The main Night stage is first fought through by the werehog on the way to rescue Prof. Pickle. There are a number of block and platform moving puzzles, as well as a fight section at the very end against waves of Egg Fighter Swords.

Night Act 2

A balance beam level. Just be patient and walk very, very slowly as you tiptoe high above the forest floor.

'Final Exam' Puzzle Room

In the mission level for "Final Exam", the door behind where Sonic begins the level can be glitched through to reveal a different puzzle. The puzzle would require raising platforms to get a green stone to the door at the end, at which point the player must then insert a nearby red stone to open a (non-existent) door to the Goal Ring. This area also features a sun medal, putting the count at 201 (the game doesn't count it should the player collect it.) Touching the goal ring will still complete the mission. This mission was expected to be part of the Mazuri Adventure Pack, but ultimately was not used again.

Mazuri Adventure Pack DLC

The fourth Sonic Unleashed downloadable content is the Mazuri Adventure Pack, which adds two new daytime stages, two hard versions of existing daytime stages, and two new nighttime stage. It was released on Xbox Live for 250 MS Points on 30 April, 2009 and on the PlayStation Network for $3.00 on 07 May, 2009.

Day Acts 1-2 and 3-2

Day Acts 1-2 and 3-2 are harder versions of Act 1 and Act 3, respectively. Act 3-2 changes the original mission objective from get to the goal after three laps to collecting 300 rings and getting to the goal within two minutes.

Day Acts 4 & 5

Day Act 4 is a complex platforming level, requiring the player to have the Wall-Jump ability to progress through the stage. It takes place within the actual citadel itself.

Day Act 5 is a three-lap course taking place on the arena for Mazuri's Boss, the Egg Beetle. The laps are filled with chase gimmicks used throughout the game, such as avoiding three bomber robots or outracing one chaser robot. The laps segue into each other by use of small platforming sequences in the middle of the arena to enter the next lap.

Night Acts 3 & 4

Night Act 3 tests the player's skill with the Werehog's pole swinging ability. Half of the stage is floorless, requiring the player to swing from pole to pole to advance. The poles are timed by a lever the player must activate to make the poles come out and will retract when time is up.

Night Act 4 is a heavy platforming level taking place in Mazuri's tree tops. This level was originally shown off in developmental shots when the game was first leaked to the internet in early 2008. However, when it wasn't found in the final version of the game, it was speculated to be a lost level. It makes its debut as this stage, now being one of the larger Werehog levels offered from downloadable content. Players must move through the trees on wooden catwalks while platforming across hammer and spike-ridden traps. The level boasts several midbosses, so players should exercise caution to conserve Sonic's health.

At the end of Act 4, while on the platform you fight the second Titan on, another wooden platform can be seen attached to the tree. It's out of reach, but can be seen clearly by doing a running double jump and then an X-X-A/Square-Square-Triangle combo from the break in the fence. There's a grab ledge near you and at the end of the platform, which has a narrow end near the tree and a wide, open area ahead of it. To reach it, you need to: First activate Unleash (Fully Upgraded Recommended), Second, Perform the Following Combo: X-X-A-A/Square-Square-Triangle-Triangle(While in Unleash Mode combos are infinite, so keep pressing them and the werehog will fly through the air). Finally, when you get near the grab ledge, only press X-X/Square-Square(After Finalizing a Combo),Double-Jump and press B/Circle to grab onto the ledge. There's nothing else after that platform, and its impossible to get out of it without losing a life.

Hot Dog Trials

These missions can be accessed by speaking with the hot dog vendor in Mazuri after completing the corresponding Day or Night Act. Completing a level 1 mission unlocks the level 2 mission and earns 1 Scorcher Dog, completing a level 2 mission unlocks the level 3 mission and earns 2 Scorcher Dogs, completing a level 3 mission earns 3 Scorcher Dogs and completing all of them will unlock the Exotic Toppings Achievement.

Day Time Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage in 4 Minutes and 30 Seconds
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage in 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage in 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds

Day Battle Trial

  • Level 1 - Destroy 20 enemies or more and finish the stage
  • Level 2 - Destroy 30 enemies or more and finish the stage
  • Level 3 - Destroy 40 enemies or more and finish the stage

Day Ring Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage with 100 Rings or more
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage with 200 Rings or more
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage with 300 Rings or more

Night Time Trial

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage in 20 Minutes
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage in 15 Minutes
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage in 10 Minutes

Night Survival

  • Level 1 - Finish the stage without being able to heal
  • Level 2 - Finish the stage without being able to heal. Werehog starts with 1/2 Health
  • Level 3 - Finish the stage without being able to heal. Werehog starts with 1/4 Health

Acts - Savannah Citadel (PS2/Wii)

Boss Stage

BOSS [Egg Beetle]

Sonic the Hedgehog
Boss: Egg Beetle
S-rank requirement:
Under 2 minutes, 20 seconds

The boss guards the passage to this continent's Gaia Temple. When heading to the first temple, in Mazuri, to restore the first Chaos Emerald, Sonic encounters Eggman, that tries to stop him with his new battle machine, the Egg Beetle. This is also the first boss in Sonic Unleashed.



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