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Big Mother
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Big Mother
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Affiliation: Dark Gaia
Hits to defeat: 110 health units (PS2/Wii)
Points: 200 Dark Gaia Force (PS2/Wii)

The Big Mother (ビッグマザー) is one of two mini-bosses in Sonic Unleashed (the other being the Titan). It is a rather large, dopey creature, and is one of Dark Gaia's higher ranking minions.


It has a few methods of attack, one being to spurt out around 6-8 Little Rexes/Red Rexes from the mouth on its belly, hence the name "Big Mother", and the other varying by game version: swinging its arms around haphazardly across a wide area in the 360/PS3 version, which has the potential to hit its own allies as well, and hammering its fists into the ground in the Wii/PS2 version, creating shockwaves that can be jumped over. If Sonic gets hit by its heavier attacks, he will be immobilised, requiring the player to mash the A/X button to recover more quickly. As the game progresses, it steadily gains more attack strength and health.

Being a mini-boss, the Big Mother has a lot of health and will only flinch when hit by Sonic's strongest attacks, meaning they can easily get a lot of their moves out. However, their bulk makes them very slow and easy to predict, so the player can take measures by attacking when it's not doing anything and guarding when it's attacking.

Moves (PS2/Wii)

• Shock Wave: -15 rings/health + knockback
• Spawn Red Rexes


A gaping maw in the belly of these beasts spawns a host of Little Rexes. Don't bother throwing anything at their open mouth, as it will simply be eaten.

— Encyclopedia, 360/PS3 version

A maternal force for evilkind. Let them live and they'll only make trouble.

Art Gallery, Wii/PS2 version



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