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Cure Master
Game: Sonic Unleashed
Affiliation: Dark Gaia

The Cure Master (キュアマスター) is one of Dark Gaia's minions that appears in the night stages of Sonic Unleashed, but only in the 360/PS3 version.

They are similar to the Dark Master in terms of appearance, but they are colored with a purplish tint. True to their name, they have the ability to cure all nearby enemies that have taken damage, bringing them back to full health; however, they cannot cure themselves nor can they cure enemies that have lost all their health. They will always appear where there are groups of enemies, but there will never be more than one of them at a time. They can also be paired up with Power Masters.

Cure Masters will generally focus on healing, but they will also attack Sonic the Werehog if he approaches them by swinging their staff like a club or by hammering it down on him. They can also move around in the air to avoid damage, which makes them hard to hit.


Monsters born of Dark Gaia with exceptionally high intelligence can take on a humanoid appearance like these fiends.

As masters of curative magic, these phantoms go around healing their cohorts. For whatever reason, it isn't able to heal its own wounds, though.

— Encyclopedia, 360/PS3 versionMedia:SUCureMaster.png[1]



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