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Professor Pickle
First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Professor Pickle is a supporting character in Sonic Unleashed. He is an academic based at Spagonia University, and an expert on the Gaia Manuscripts - ancient records that tell the legend of the beast Dark Gaia.

Personality and traits

He is wise, calm and well mannered, but is not without his own eccentricities as his mind tends to beat at his unique pace. Professor Pickle's favourite thing in the world seems to be cucumber sandwiches and he will happily share knowledge over them. He is somewhat of a perfectionist on how sandwiches should be made, as he's more incensed at Eggman's poor sandwich-making techniques than he is about being kidnapped.


Tails knows Prof. Pickle before the game starts, and suggests to Sonic that they travel from Apotos to consult him about the fracturing of the planet. In Spagonia, Sonic discovers that Eggman has captured the Professor; Sonic the Werehog, Tails, and Chip rescue him from a base in Mazuri. Throughout the game, Pickle serves as a mentor of sorts to Sonic and Tails, providing info about the status of the planet and suggesting where the heroes should go next in their quest. He also designs the "Uncanny Camera", a device which can be used to free people from Dark Gaia possession. After the fourth continent is restored, Pickle eventually moves to Shamar to set up a research facility to make his analysis on the remaining Gaia Temples more efficient and remains there for the rest of the game.

Throughout the PS3/360 version, Sonic and Chip can stop by at his research facility at any time to give him a souvenir they have picked up on their adventure. Giving him one souvenir will award the player the "Oh, You Shouldn't Have!" achievement/trophy, while giving him every souvenir in the game will eventually award the "That's Enough, Seriously" achievement/trophy.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

In the Archie comics, Professor Pickle was given a full name, Dillon Pickle (a pun on dill pickles), and appears as a supporting character during the Shattered World Crisis which happened after the Super Genesis Wave. Pickle was kidnapped along with Professor Charles the Hedgehog by Eggman's Badniks, who also took their research, samples and everything else. The Freedom Fighters catch up to the Bullet Train the two professors were in and rescued them, but were unable to recover the research. However, he helps the heroes by telling them the contents of the ancient texts and how they can repair the world.

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Voice Actors Dan Green Cho

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