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Don Fachio
First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Species: Human

Don Fachio is the owner and namesake of a worldwide hot dog mega-franchise from Sonic Unleashed. In the game, there are Don Fachio hot dog stands in which Sonic can use his rings to buy special chili dogs after completing certain missions that the stand's vendor gives to him. The mega-franchise has hot dog carts all around the globe, to the nearly inhospitable Holoskan tundra to the exotic and sandy savannahs of Mazuri. Don Fachio has even managed to set up a shop in the twisted amusement park of Eggmanland, though a hot dog stand doesn't seem too out of place in a carnival.

There are special chili dogs unique to each location in Sonic Unleashed. Upon eating them, Sonic gains 70 EXP points. However, unsurprisingly, when Sonic eats Eggmanland's Doggone Dog, he only gains one measly EXP point. The player can also give them to Chip, to which he has different, yet overall positive reactions (including to the Doggone Dog).

The Don Fachio chili dogs are as follows:

Pic Location Name Chili Dog Chip's Reaction
GyroWithRelish.png Apotos Breezy Dog "This tastes so light and refreshing. Suddenly I'm in a great mood!"
ExoticToppings.png Mazuri Scorcher Dog "One nibble gave me this HUGE surge of strength. HEEYAH! I am on fire!"
PigInABlanket.png Spagonia Brainiac Dog "Oh! What have we here? My intellectual curiousity is piqued!"
IcedHotdog.png Holoska Chilly Dog "Hey, this hot dog is frozen solid! But not bad--kind of crunchy."
SausageFriedRice.png Chun-nan Historic Dog "Hmm, tastes mysterious. It's almost as if I can feel my mind clearing!"
KetchupAndMustard.png Empire City Urban Dog "Yee-haw! I am pumped! What did they put in this hot dog?"
KebabOnABun.png Shamar Sandy Dog "Huh? Tastes... gravelly... But I think I like the complex flavor."
FriedClamRoll.png Adabat Seafood Dog "Whoa! What's this fish doing in here? Weird... but pretty darn tasty!"
HardBoiled.png Eggmanland Doggone Dog "Mmm, wow! This is doggone good! All this fighting must've made me hungry."

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