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First seen: Sonic Battle (2003)
Species: Robot (Gizoid)
Gender: N/A, referred to as male
Age: +4,000 years
Height: 110cm (3'6")[1]
Weight: 14kg (31lbs)[1]

Emerl is a combat robot who serves as the main character and primary plot device in Sonic Battle. Its origin, however, is shrouded in mystery during the game, only being explored much later in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - where the machine is said to be the most powerful Gizoid ever created by the Nocturnus Clan echidnas. As the robot lacks an actual name, Sonic dubs it "Emerl" on account of its ability to absorb Chaos Emeralds.

Game appearances

Sonic Battle

During Tails' episode in Sonic Battle, the Central City Lab computer reports that Emerl was initially found amongst "ancient ruins" - and subsequently plucked out of a storage warehouse by Professor Gerald Robotnik (according to his journal). On the Space Colony ARK 50 years ago, the Professor proceeded to experiment with Emerl, at around the same time he was working on Project Shadow. Gerald's grandson, Doctor Eggman, later rediscovered the robot and took him in the hopes of using him to rule the world, but tosses him aside when he finds no use for him. Sonic the Hedgehog finds him on a beach and he and his friends teach him how to fight. As the player plays the Story Mode, the player reveals abilities for Emerl to use. These abilities are the various moves known by Sonic and the other characters in the game.

In other media

Sonic X

In the television series Sonic X, Emerl, known as "ML" in the English dub, is a robot who learns abilities by copying those Sonic and co. use. Emerl later goes insane after absorbing the red Chaos Emerald, and is brought down by Cream the Rabbit.


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