Prof. Gerald's Journal (Sonic Battle)

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This is a transcript of Professor Gerald Robotnik's journal entries, revealed by re-playing each characters' episodes in Sonic Battle after having already cleared the game. The journals describe his experiments into Emerl on the Space Colony ARK 50 years ago.

Original credit for collating the English transcription to TheSinnerChrono. Japanese version translated by Windii.


Journal 1

I have uncovered a most interesting specimen from the warehouse. I believe it to be some sort of puppet or robot made by an ancient people. At first, I didn't think anything of it, but when I was experimenting on "Chaos Emeralds," it began to move. This suggests the possibility that even the ancient civilizations could harness the power of the "Chaos Emeralds." When I was researching various papers related to the "Chaos Emeralds" and this robot, I discovered that there was a possibility that this robot was something incredible. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but this robot may be the cause of the destruction of the Fourth Great Civilization. I'm not sure I believe it just yet, though.

Journal 2

I am no longer able to ignore the possibility that this robot did in fact destroy the Fourth Great Civilization. I have discovered a stone tablet that explains as much. According to the tablet, "When the figure falls from the heavens, and the Stone of the Gods is joined, all that exists will become one again." Though it is difficult to believe, this robot has been watching my movements, and mimicking all that I do. I was amazed by my scans of this being. Surprisingly, reams and reams of data scrolled and caused my most powerful computer to crash. More intriguing was that the data was all about melee combat and weapons of that age. Eventually, if this being is ever restored to its former state, it will put all that data to use, and recreate all the weaponry and combat abilities that it once had... And that's not all. If my guesses are correct, it will also have the ability to absorb modern weaponry as well. What have I done? I have uncovered a horrible weapon...

Journal 3

I now understand why this being was named "Gizoid". In the ancient tongue, it means "everything." According to the stone tablet, if the Gizoid establishes a "Link" with someone, the Gizoid will swear loyalty to that person. Perhaps it still lacks "Chaos Emerald" energy, but it has been saying the word "Link" to me in broken tones. It went on to explain: "Show me your true strength, and I shall obey. I am all things, and all shall belong to me." So, as it suggested, I brought before it my collection of model guns, and fired them all. Then, suddenly, it said, "I shall follow your every command, and never leave your side." And since then, it refuses to listen to anyone but me. While it still is a fearsome weapon of destruction, while it remains under my control, at least it won't be used for evil. However, if someone with evil intention ever forms a "Link" with the Gizoid... I don't even want to think about what will happen. I must research how one can re-establish a "Link" with the Gizoid...

Journal 4

The upper echelon is going crazy. Perhaps, they aim to freeze Project "Shadow". Soon, the ultimate life form, "Shadow" will be completed... The application to my granddaughter is also imminent. I cannot just let them stop my study at this point. Because I am the only one who can save my granddaughter's life.

Journal 5

The higher ups are threatening to shut down this research facility. I had no choice but to hand them the Gizoid to buy more time for my research. I tried to be careful and commanded it to never absorb any dangerous technologies. However, I have heard that other researchers have been making the Gizoid absorb weapons. Apparently, the way to cause the Gizoid to form a new "Link" is to show it power that surpasses that of its former master. While this poses immense danger, I cannot risk losing Maria.

Journal 6

My worst fears have come true. The Gizoid has absorbed enough weaponry and technology that it has started to go out of control. The resulting rampage resulted in the destruction of most of the "Ark." ... I have deciphered the rest of the stone tablet. It says, "When the Gizoid had learned all that it could, it became a god of wrath, and all was destroyed." The researchers somehow managed to subdue the Gizoid and sealed it away. Luckily, it only had one "Chaos Emerald" installed. If it were to have all 7 Emeralds installed, it might destroy the whole planet. The Gizoid is too much of a liability. I tried destroying its core, but nothing I did worked. I understand too little of the technology that built him. My best hope is to try and reprogram its AI into a free-willed, emotions-based AI...

Journal 7

I have heard there was an accident at the research facility. ... ... ... Everything... Everything is gone. My own Maria's name was among the list of casualties. My beloved granddaughter... They tell me her parting words were, "Bring hope to humanity." I have decided that the keyword to activate the Gizoid's free-willed emotions-based AI program will be those very words. "Bring hope to humanity." My poor, poor Maria...

Journal 8

A heritage of the past I dug out, "Gizoid"... And the ultimate life form I created by my own hands, Shadow... I equipped both weapons with "heart." If all powers are not what is to be obtained for oneself, but what is to be born from hearts that yearn for someone, I believe all conflicts should cease to exist. Please... If there is anyone listening to my prayers... Bring hope to humanity.


Pr. Gerald's Diary 1

I made a fascinating discovery in the warehouse. A puppet that appears to have been created in the BCE. No one paid much mind to it at first, but a certain event got everyone to take notice. During the Chaos Emerald's output experiment, this puppet started to move. This event has shown that it is likely the Chaos Emeralds were already used as a power source in the BCE.

As I was examining the documents to investigate the connection between this puppet and the Chaos Emeralds, a possibility that the puppet I discovered is something unthinkable had arose. I think this is too far off, but I received a report that this puppet may potentially be what destroyed one of the four great civilizations. Of course, I do not believe that.

Pr. Gerald's Diary 2

I could no longer disregard the report that the puppet in question destroyed a civilization. I discovered a stone monument that could serve as evidence. According to the stone monument, "When the human figure that descended from the heavens was given the stones of the Gods, all has reemerged." This is hard to believe, but the doll that started to move was accurately repeating my movements.

When I scanned this puppet, I was astonished. There was enough input of information to overload my newest computer.

More astonishing, as a result of analyzing it, I got data on all the martial arts and weapons of that era. I dare say that if it keeps going as is, it will output this data, in other words, faithfully reproduce the functions of the martial arts and weapons. ...And that's not all. If the built-in functions work properly... It should be possible for it to capture the capabilities of new, modern weapons... Oh, God... I have revived a horrible weapon...

Pr. Gerald's Diary 3

I understood why this puppet is named "Gizoid". "Gizoid" means "everything" in an ancient language. Also, according to the stone monument, Gizoid will swear obedience to the person who made a "Contract" with it. Perhaps because the Chaos Emerald's power is insufficient, Gizoid offered the "Contract" to me in awkward words it had recently learned. It said... "Show me your power, or I shall not obey. I represent all things, and all shall belong to me." As it said that, I tried shooting toy guns that I collect as a hobby in front of Gizoid. Then, as if its circuits had switched, as soon as it said, "I swear an oath of allegiance to never leave your side, nor disobey your orders." it ended up only listening to my commands. It still is a horrible weapon, but if it will only obey my orders, it probably won't be misused. However, if a person with evil intentions makes a "Contract" with Gizoid... I'm frightened to even think about that. I have to investigate the conditions under which Gizoid will "Contract" again...

Pr. Gerald's Diary 4

The upper branches are getting flurried. It looks like they are holding meetings day and night. Perhaps they are aiming to freeze Project Shadow. Soon, the ultimate life form, "Shadow", will be completed... The application for treating my beloved granddaughter Maria's NIDS is also near. I cannot stop my research here. Because I am the only one who can save Maria's life.

Pr. Gerald's Diary 5

When they announced that the research will be frozen, they weren't joking. In order to prolong the research period, I reluctantly handed Gizoid over to the upper branches. Of course, I ordered it not to capture dangerous weapons. However, according to what I hear, the researchers are making Gizoid capture the newest weapons one after another. Gizoid's new "Contract" seems to be made when it is shown power that surpasses that of the "Contractor". It is certainly dangerous, but I can't exchange Maria's life for it.

Pr. Gerald's Diary 6

It seems that my fears were confirmed. Gizoid couldn't endure the frequent captures, went berserk, and destroyed the majority of the ARK.

...The stone monument had more to say. "When Gizoid learned literally all it could, it became a God of wrath, and destroyed everything." The researchers managed to seize Gizoid and seal it. It seems fortunate that it was equipped with only one Chaos Emerald. If it had 7 Emeralds equipped... It could probably destroy the Earth this time. Gizoid is too dangerous a legacy. I attempted to destroy Gizoid's core, but nothing I did worked. It is blocked by an unknown power and cannot be destroyed by any means. As a minimum measure, I will modify Gizoid's AI as a combat weapon to switch it to a stand-alone, emotional AI.

Pr. Gerald's Diary 7

There was an accident in the research facility. ... Everything... Everything is gone. I found Maria's name in the list of the accident's victims. The last words left by my beloved granddaughter Maria were informed to be, "bring hope to all humanity"...

I'm going to use these words for the keyword that will activate Gizoid into a stand-alone emotional AI, not an AI of a combat weapon that accepts orders. "Bring hope to all humanity." ...Oh! Maria!

Pr. Gerald's Diary 8

The legacy of the past I dug up, Gizoid... And the ultimate life form I made by my own hands, Shadow... I equipped both weapons with a "heart".

If all power is not what is to be obtained for oneself, but what is to be born from "hearts" that yearn for someone, I believe all conflicts should cease to exist.

...Oh, God. If you would be so kind to hear my wish... ... Bring hope to all humanity...