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Team Rose
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
Members: Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat

In Sonic Heroes, the characters of Team Rose are trying to find their friends. As Amy Rose looks for Sonic, she meets up with Big the Cat and Cream the Rabbit. Big is on the hunt for his little friend, Froggy, while Cream is looking for Cheese's brother, Chocola. With a picture in the newspaper as their only clue, the three join up to form the team and find them all.

The style of play for Team Rose is the simplest in the game, with fewer enemies, longer flight times, and shorter stage lengths, and is designed for younger players. It also gives a mandatory tutorial session with Omochao at the Sea Gate every time you play the first scene of the Team Rose Story.

During their journey, they have run-ins with two of the other teams: Team Sonic and Team Chaotix. Amy catches up with Sonic at the top of the Power Plant stage. While the initiative is to ask where Froggy and Chocola are, Amy has other intentions. Team Chaotix confronts Team Rose after the Lost Jungle stage. They believe that Cheese is one of the Chao they were supposed to rescue.

Notably, Team Rose is the only team with a female Speed character. This is also the only team that is mostly female, although it's only half female if you count the genderless Cheese. Team Rose has two different stances in the menu prior to being selected. In Story Mode the three characters are separated like the other teams but in Challenge and 2P Mode, Big carries Amy and Cream in his arms.

Team Rose moves

Speed Formation: Amy

  • Spin: Hold B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) either while standing still or running to increase speed and attack enemies.
  • Rocket Accel: Hold B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) and wait for team mates to follow behind and release for a steady pace, or press again for second team mate to hit Amy further and faster.
  • Hammer Twirl: Tap B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2). Amy whirls around once with her Piko Piko Hammer.
  • Homing Attack: Jump and press A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) while in the air. Targets nearby enemies or objects.(strength increases depending on level)
  • Tornado Hammer: Jump and press B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) while in the air. It can be used like the other tornado attack to lift enemies off of the ground and to use on the poles. It differs from the other character's tornado attacks because it can be thrown away from the user.
  • Propeller Hammer: Jump and hold the A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) button and Amy will begin to propel herself through the air for a short time. Amy is the only Speed character that lacks the Triangle Jump, and this technique is used to make up for it.

Fly Formation: Cream

  • Ascending Flight: Jump and hold A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) while in the air.
  • Quick Ascent: While Flying, press A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) to get a quick boost of height.
  • Thunder Shoot: Press B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2). Used to Stun and kill enemies (depending on Cream's level).
  • Chao Attack: While Cream is alone, she can send Cheese to attack enemies with B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2). If an enemy isn't present, Cheese does not do anything.

Power Formation: Big

  • Auto Homing: Team mates automatically attack near by enemies.
  • Fire Combination: Press B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) gathers the others on Big's shoulders. To cancel Fire Combination, press A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2).
  • Fire Knock: During Fire Combination, press B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) button to fire your team mates at enemies.
    • Jump Fire Knock: During Fire Combination, press the A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) button followed by the B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2) button.
  • Body Press: Jump in the air and press B (GCN) / X (Xbox) / Square (PS2).
  • Big Fishing: Once you are leveled up at least once, you will be able to perform a circular attack after using Fire Knock. Results depend on your level.
    • First level up: Big swings a lure attached to his fishing rod
    • Second level up: Big swings a life saver attached to his fishing rod. The attack radius slightly increases.
    • Third level up: Big swings a mace attached to his fishing rod. The attack radius slightly increases.
  • Umbrella Descent: While in the air, press and hold A (GCN & Xbox) / X (PS2) to descend slowly to the ground or to ascend by using an updraft.

Entire team

  • Team Blast: Flower Festival : Press Z when your Team Blast gauge is filled. It has a very useful ability for beginners. Upon activation, Big opens his umbrella, with Amy and Cream rolling around on top before balancing upon it while Cheese throws around rose petals. The blast gives all three characters a level up, as well as a shield and invincibility. It also has a longer range of attack when compared to the other Team Blasts.This team blast is really affective in Power Plant and Lost Jungle OR 2P battles as Flowers block the leaders eyes and gives that team a disadvantage as of the Leader surrounded by petals will not be able to switch leader.This move is suggested to use on Team Chaotix as they always use the strongest leader against your teams Leader.

Team Rose objectives

  • Seaside Hill — Get to the other side of the ocean! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Ocean Palace — Find the ruins floating on the sea! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Grand Metropolis — Stroll through the modern city! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Power Plant — Escape from the energy plant! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Casino Park — Play the giant pinball tables! / Collect 200 rings!
  • BINGO Highway — Try the BINGO slides! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Rail Canyon — Go beyond the rails! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Bullet Station — Find Eggman's base! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Frog Forest — Explore the forest where the frogs live! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Lost Jungle — Escape the jungle! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Hang Castle — Find the haunted castle! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Mystic Mansion — Escape from the haunted house! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Egg Fleet — Find Eggman's fleet! / Collect 200 rings!
  • Final Fortress — Hurry and find Eggman! / Collect 200 rings!

Other game appearances

Sonic Free Riders

Team Rose makes a reappearance in Sonic Free Riders, however Big is inexplicably missing. In his place is Vector the Crocodile. Amy hired him a mere half hour before the EX World Grand Prix and promised him half of the cut if they won the championship. As the championship turned out to be a scam by Dr. Eggman (just like the first one), there was no actual money involved, and everyone ends up empty handed.

Team Sonic Racing

Team Rose makes another appearance in Team Sonic Racing, however this time Cream is inexplicably absent, with four Chao (Neutral, Hero, Dark and Omochao) in her place as a collective Technique-type racer in the Chao Pod. Amy reprises her role as the Speed-type member driving the Pink Cabriolet, while Big returns as the Power-type member driving the Frog Cruiser.


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