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Egg Hawk
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Egg Hawk
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Ocean Palace
Hits to defeat: 100

The Egg Hawk is the first boss of Sonic Heroes, appearing at the close of the second level, Ocean Palace. "Eggman" appears in this hefty VTOL gunship, intending to blast the heroes into oblivion before they proceed any further.


This boss takes place on a very long circular track, incorporating both chase sections on the watery ruins' sunken causeways and setpiece battles on sandy islands between the roads. The Egg Hawk flies in reverse along the roadway sections, strafing the hero team with munitions fire from both the mouth-mounted gatling cannon and the two Egg Pawn gunners' nests beneath the wings. In the island sections there are floating Egg Drones to contend with as well, while the Egg Hawk simply rotates about its axis blazing away with the guns. If the player stands still on the roadways, the Egg Hawk will fly back towards the player.

This boss can provide more problems than one would expect from the first fight of the game, as it is often difficult to get up enough height for a Homing Attack to connect and do damage. A fallback tactic can be to concentrate on destroying the island Egg Drones, charging up for a Team Blast to deal massive damage without having to attain height. When playing as Team Chaotix, the Hammer Down is particularly useful in attacking the boss. If done correctly, Vector can perform an infinite amount of Hammer Downs on the cockpit, making it exceptionally easy on the player. Big can also repeatedly hit the cockpit with the Body Press, though is not as effective as the Hammer Down.

At the end of the boss, "Eggman" disconnects his Egg-O-Matic from the bird's head and flies away. The heroes proceed on to Grand Metropolis.

The Egg Hawk re-appears as part of a later boss, Bullet Station's Egg Albatross. After the heroes destroy the main body of the blimp, the Hawk disengages and attacks with its machine guns as in the original boss. The fight is identical although the Hawk itself requires fewer hits this time around. It also appears in the 2-player Ring Race stage Egg Treat, shooting Rings for the players to collect.



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