Team Battle 2

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Team Battle 2
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Team Battle 2
Game: Sonic Heroes
Level: Lost Jungle

The fifth boss battle of Sonic Heroes is another Team Battle, in the same style as the Power Plant Team Battle fight. This six-man showdown takes place within the Frog Forest / Lost Jungle swamp.

There are some differences in this battle. The opposing team is much more difficult to defeat. They will always switch to the formation that is dominant over the player's. Unlike the first team battle, which had its own music, the music for the second team battle's theme will play a shortened version of the opposing team's theme song. There are only three available Power Cores on this stage and they sit outside the arena in balloons. There is also a Shield hidden in a wooden box on the stage.


Team Chaotix vs Team Rose.png

Team Dark spots Team Sonic after passing through the jungle. Shadow is curious to why there is another hedgehog that looks like him. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are in shock to see Shadow alive after supposedly dying. Rouge tells them that their efforts are wasted and that she and her team will take care of Dr. Eggman so that they wouldn't get in the way of her true motives. Being the heroes that they are, Team Sonic refuses to leave despite a death threat from Omega. The two teams then start a rumble.

Meanwhile, Team Rose and Team Chaotix meet each other in the jungle. Vector wishes to ask Amy a question but she automatically assumes he wants to date her and interestingly tells him to wait another time. Vector becomes flustered by this and calls her a brat. Espio then demands that they hand over Cheese to them because they believe that he's a Chao that they were ordered to protect. Cream then believes that they are the ones that took Chocola and that they want to take Cheese too. A fight ensues due to a misunderstanding shortly later.


  • Team Sonic vs Team Dark
  • Team Rose vs Team Chaotix


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