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Egg Treat
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Egg Treat
2P Ring Race, first level, Sonic Heroes
Location: Ocean Palace
Level theme: ancient ruins
Non-English names:
  • JP: エッグトリート
Pinball Match

Egg Treat is the first stage of the 2-player Ring Race mini-game in Sonic Heroes. Like with the other dedicated stages, players compete to collect the most Rings.


This stage is set on the circular track used for the boss fight against the Egg Hawk, but at night. The Egg Hawk itself will fly along the track in reverse, spraying a shower of Rings from the mouth-mounted gatling cannon for both players to grab, along with the Item Balloons that also contain Rings. If both teams stay in one spot, the Egg Hawk will fly back towards them.

Upon reaching the island sections the Egg Hawk will station itself on the ground and rotate about its axis, continually spraying Rings all over the sand. At this point, players can attack Dr. Eggman directly for even more Rings. Players must be careful not to come into direct contact with the cannon, as it can still cause damage and make them drop their Rings.

This stage's time limit is 60 seconds.


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