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Full Articles


Interview: Yuji Naka

A short interview with then-lead of Sonic Team, Yuji Naka. Topics such as the possibility of a Sonic/Mario crossover (finally realized in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games) are also discussed.

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Electronic Gaming Monthly

Heroic Trios

A short piece checking up on the development of Sonic Heroes. A follow-up to their previous full-length preview, "Sonic's Boom."

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Preview - Sonic Heroes

A one-page preview covering many of the same aspects in the other previews.

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Untitled Preview

A short, one-third-page preview of Sonic Heroes.

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Official PlayStation Magazine

Sega's Sonic Boom

A one and a half page article previewing Sonic Heroes and its potential to Sega. Also includes short pieces on the rumors of Sega's impending merger, and Sega's McDonald's promotion.

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