Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2 prototype; 2003-09-28)

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Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2 prototype; 2003-09-28)
Prerelease of: Sonic Heroes
System: PlayStation 2
Build date: 2003-09-28
Source: DVD-R
Found by: Hidden Palace

The 2003-09-28 build of Sonic Heroes is a prototype build of Sonic Heroes for the PlayStation 2. This is a PAL build of the game with a build date of September 28 and a burn date of October 2, and is the earliest available prototype that contains the full game, built at least 10 days before the October 8 GameCube build.

A full playthrough of the game is possible with Team Sonic, however the game is very noticeably unpolished. Most of the soundtrack is missing, with the songs that are present coming from E3 and TGS builds, and the English voiceovers are incomplete, with Japanese voices used as placeholders. This build is also capable of running at 50fps (due to being a PAL build) whereas the final PlayStation 2 version is locked to 30fps.

This build was released by Hidden Palace on January 1, 2024.


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Sonic Heroes (PlayStation 2 prototype; 2003-09-28), prototype version of Sonic Heroes
SonicHeroes20030928 PS2 Title.png

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