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Tropical Coast
For the Nintendo 3DS version of this level, see Tropical Coast (Sonic Lost World 3DS). For the Sonic Runners version of this level, see Tropical Coast (Sonic Runners).
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Tropical Coast
Third world, Sonic Lost World
Number of Acts: 5 (Wii U/PC version), 4 (3DS version)
Location: Lost Hex
Level themes: tropical island, ocean, underwater
Boss: Master Zik
Non-English names:
  • JP: トロピカルコースト
Desert Ruins | Frozen Factory

Tropical Coast is the third world of Sonic Lost World, themed after a tropical island and the sea. After Dr. Eggman loses control of the Deadly Six, Sonic and co. are chased here, and the heroes must make an alliance with their arch-nemesis to stop the Zeti.


Zone 1

The first Zone of Tropical Coast is set in a large place, similar to previous areas such as Windy Hill. The location is a beach area with palm trees and Badniks taking the land. Water overflows into fountains that Sonic can use to jump to a higher path. By using the Yellow Drill in this Zone, the player will dive to the other side of the tube and travel underwater for a while. This Zone ends with a bouncy cloud section full of extra lives that the player can grind over and over for.

Zone 2

The second Zone is also located in a tropical area, but this time there are large fruits that serve as the main obstacles and gimmicks of this Zone. These consist of giant apples and watermelons that will chase Sonic and hurt him if they make contact, and a giant pineapple that repels itself from Sonic. The goal is to bring these fruits to blenders to turn them into juice that forms bridges to other planetoids; if Sonic touches the blenders directly, it's instant death. The Orange Wisp also appears here, allowing Sonic to travel to other planetoids using Orange Rocket. At the end, the player fights Master Zik.

Zone 3

Zone 3 is set in an underwater pipe where Sonic grinds across rails and avoid giant mechanical eels that suddenly appear throughout the stage. Minecarts are also seen on the rails in the stage as obstacles, which Sonic must jump over to avoid taking damage.

Zone 4

Zone 4 is another stage set in the tropical areas, starting with 3D sections where the player must defeat Cluckers and Egg Pawns to get an Orange Wisp and proceed. The rest of the stage is a 2D obstacle course with platforms across water the player must jump across, ending in another struggle with Master Zik.

Zone ?

This secret Zone features Sonic flying through the sky similar to Sky Road Zone 3. By holding down the Homing Attack button, Sonic will curl into a ball and descend, while letting go makes him ascend. The player must avoid Badniks and buzzsaw-like flowers, eventually reaching a BFB that the player must descend to avoid.


The beaches of Tropical Coast are not as they seem. Packed full of seaside Badniks out to take down Sonic the Hedgehog, he must use all his might to blast across islands and even go underwater!

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