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Nightmare Zone
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Nightmare Zone
DLC world, Sonic Lost World
Number of Acts: 1

Nightmare Zone is a DLC level in Sonic Lost World, and is themed on fellow series NiGHTS into Dreams.

It was included as a bonus in all first-run copies (called the "Deadly Six Bonus Edition") and first-week downloads of the Wii U version. The download code included with the US version expired on October 22, 2014. The PC version of the game has the Zone included for free in all downloads.


This Zone begins with Sonic running through Windy Hill, collecting Blue Chips and jumping through yellow rings which give him rings, only to find himself being taken away by Wizeman the Wicked. Through a paraloop portal trap set up by Reala, Sonic is thrown into a boss rush in which he must refight the first encounters of each member of the Deadly Six with their mechs reskinned into Wizeman's second level Nightmarens:

  • Zazz's Moon Mech is replaced with Puffy.
  • Zomom's totem block is replaced with one of Wizeman's hands.
  • Master Zik's fruit is replaced with Gulpo.
  • Zeena's snowmen are replaced with Clawz and his mouse fireworks, and is fought without the snowball gimmick.
  • Zor's owl mech is replaced with Jackle.
  • Zavok's dragon mech is replaced with Gillwing.

Inbetween Master Zik and Zeena's fights is another "mach speed" section with more Blue Chips and yellow rings. Eventually, NiGHTS will appear and trap Reala in a paraloop, saving Sonic from Wizeman's curse. The rest of the Zone is one last "mach speed" section where Sonic runs with NiGHTS and flies through clusters of yellow rings, giving him up to 700 rings, before releasing Nightopians from a Nights Capture at the end, which count as Animals.

Like all DLC levels, once Nightmare Zone is completed, it will disappear from the World Map. It will reappear after the player scores another 100,000 points.

Super Sonic cannot be used in this level.


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