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Zazz is the first boss of Sonic Lost World, serving as the recurring boss of Windy Hill.


First battle

  • Windy Hill
  • Nightmare Zone
SLW Zazz Boss Windy Hill 2.png
SLW Zazz Boss Nightmare Zone.png
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Windy Hill

Under orders from Zavok, Zazz will ambush Sonic at the end Windy Hill Zone 2 while riding his Moon Mech. While on board his Moon Mech, he will hover around the screen for a bit before flying off-screen, only to fly in and make the Moon Mech cough up harmful stars on Sonic. These stay in place for a moment before falling straight down, but they are spaced far enough apart from each other to be easily avoided. The player must jump into the Moon Mech three times to bring Zazz down.

Once grounded, the feral Zeti will resort to dashing left and right with a shoulder barge to attack Sonic, and will continue to do this until he gets tired or until the player has hit him enough times. He will then repeat the whole attack process at a much faster pace. Bring him down and hit him again, and he will be defeated.

This battle is repeated in Nightmare Zone, with the Moon Mech being replaced by the second-level Nightmaren Puffy, who drops gems on Sonic instead of stars. Sonic simply needs to hit Puffy six times to make Zazz fall off and end the battle.

Second battle

SLW Zazz Boss Windy Hill Zone 4.png
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Windy Hill

Near the end of Windy Hill Zone 4, a chase sequence will begin in which the player must chase after Zazz while he hauls his Moon Mech. As the chase goes on, the Moon Mech will shoot stars that will rain down on the player, but those can be avoided if they keep running. The chase will then lead the player up two platforms where Zazz will continually toss his Moon Mech down to harm the player. After this sequence, Zazz will trick the player by hiding in the bushes until they run past, then chase them himself. After a brief platforming section with Springs and Speed Boosters, the real battle begins.

Zazz will attack by tossing his Moon Mech at Sonic, which will bounce to the other side of the screen, then he will jump to the other side and do it again. While the Moon Mech bounces, Zazz just stands there, completely vulnerable to attack from the player. If he is allowed to throw the Moon Mech a third time, he will roll it along the ground, and the player will have to double-jump to avoid it. Approximately 8 hits are needed to defeat Zazz, but two fully-charged Homing Attacks will also take him down.

Final battle

SLW Zazz Boss Lava Mountain 1.png
Game: Sonic Lost World
Level: Lava Mountain

Zazz shows up before Zomom and Master Zik in Lava Mountain Zone 1 to get his revenge on Sonic. Upon landing on the planetoid via volcanic rock, the crazed Zeti will shoot pink energy shots from both of his hands in a V-pattern, then he will run away from Sonic, dropping exploding caltrops as he runs, stopping to shoot more energy shots at the hedgehog. When hit enough times, Zazz will become more aggressive. Keep hitting him, and he will go down and disappear in a puff of smoke.


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