Tropical Coast (Sonic Runners)

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Tropical Coast
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Tropical Coast
Event level, Sonic Runners
Level theme: tropical island

Tropical Coast is a level in Sonic Runners that was available as part of a special event, complete with its own special episode.


Based on the level of the same name from Sonic Lost World, Tropical Coast is a beach resort featuring a vast sea with many tropical islands. As an event stage, Tropical Coast was suitable for all three types of characters, featuring the same kinds of obstacles found in Windy Hill, Sky Road and Lava Mountain.


Team Sonic are on vacation at a beach resort when they find Dr. Eggman stealing the beach's many pearls to finance his bases. Upon setting off to stop him, they meet some Wisps who tell them that Eggman has kidnapped Mother Wisp while she was visiting her children. With Team Rose's aid, Team Sonic track down Eggman, but are too late to stop him from turning Mother Wisp into Nega-Mother Wisp. As one would expect, Nega-Mother Wisp proves too powerful for Eggman to control, but her Wisp children calm her down. Afterwards, Team Sonic and Team Rose continue to gather the pearls that Eggman stole.



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