Sonic Overdrive

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Sonic Overdrive

Sonic Overdrive is Team Sonic's version of the Team Blast move in Sonic Heroes.

As with all variations of the move, it is activated by pressing the Z (GCN)/White (Xbox)/R1 (PS2/PS3)/Z (PC) button once the HUD charge gauge is full. Team Blast involves the three team members joining together to perform a powerful combo move, which destroys all enemies in the vicinity and can do a great deal of damage to bosses.

Knuckles swings Tails by his feet who is also holding on to Sonic's feet. After a few spins, Knuckles lets go of Tails who kicks Sonic into the air. Sonic then yells "Blast Away!" and starts zooming around in the air and eventually comes in for a landing. Once he lands, all nearby enemies are destroyed. It is the only Team Blast that can destroy enemies before the final explosion happens. After the Team Blast is used, Sonic can perform Light Speed Attack by jumping in the air and pressing B (GCN)/X (Xbox)/Square (PS2/PS3) for the amount of energy that is left in the gauge. Light Speed Attack is not limited to Speed formation. If the player uses Thundershoot or Fire Dunk while the energy in the gauge is still in effect, Sonic will use Light Speed Attack automatically.

Sonic Overdrive can also be used while Team Sonic is in their super state while fighting Metal Overlord. It has a different look to it. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles form a triangle with the Sonic Heroes symbols behind them. They all then fly towards Metal Sonic and attack him repeatedly. It is the only way to damage him. Sonic can also use Light Speed Attack while in his super state, but it sucks up five of his rings.

Sonic Overdrive is infamous for causing the game to freeze on occasion after it is used. Particularly when the team is in Power formation. The game isn't completely frozen but it is like Sonic "Blasts Away" and never comes back.

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