Chaos Inferno

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Not to be confused with Chaotic Inferno, a level in Sonic Rivals 2.
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Chaos Inferno
First seen: Sonic Heroes (2003)
User: Team Dark
Type: Attack

Chaos Inferno (カオスインフェルノMedia:SonicHeroes PS2 JP manual.pdf[1]) is Team Dark's version of the Team Blast move in Sonic Heroes.


As with all variations of the move, it is activated by pressing the Z (GCN)/   (Xbox)/R1 (PS2/PS3)/ Z  (PC) button once the HUD charge gauge is full. Team Blast involves the three team members joining together to perform a powerful combo move, which destroys all enemies in the vicinity and can do a great deal of damage to bosses.

Shadow activates Chaos Control while Rouge lifts Omega into the air. Omega then fires giant lasers from his arm cannons, destroying all nearby enemies. Time is frozen while the energy in the gauge is in effect. It is quite useful for getting good times on stages and Eggman Boss battles, however it's considered a double-edge sword as it sometimes prevents the team from moving forward if there is an obstacle that cannot be overcome unless time is moving. Example: the barrier devices in the Power Plant. Luckily, pressing the Z (GCN)/   (Xbox)/R1 (PS2/PS3)/ Z  (PC) button again will unfreeze time so that the player will not have to wait for time to unfreeze.

Shadow uses the green Chaos Emerald to perform the move, but in an oversight, can do so before the emerald is collected as part of the story.

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