E-02 Rhinotank

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The Rhinotank (リノタンク), is a badnik that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance, and part of the E-Series.

It's a rhinoceros-like badnik apparently based by the Rhinobot, both in design and purpose. They patroll an area back and forth while iddle and charge against a character when they spot them.

Other future badniks that resemble the Rhinotank are the E-1012 Rhino Liner from Sonic Heroes and both the Egg Liner and Egg Chaser from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic Adventure

A Rhinotank in Emerald Coast.

The Rhinotank, also known by its model number E-02 Rhino-Tank, made its debut in Sonic Adventure, where it shows up in Emerald Coast for Sonic and E-102 Gamma.

Sonic Advance

A Rhinotank in Angel Island Zone.

The Rhinotank made a second appearance in Sonic Advance with the exact same purpose and attacks, though with a different design. They show up in Neo Green Hill Zone and Angel Island Zone


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