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The Rhinotank (リノタンク), is a badnik that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance.

It's a rhinoceros-like badnik apparently based by the Rhinobot, both in design and purpose. They patroll an area back and forth while iddle and charge against a character when they spot them.

Other future badniks that resemble the Rhinotank are the Rhino Liner from Sonic Heroes and both the Egg Liner and Egg Chaser from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic Adventure

A Rhinotank in Emerald Coast.

The Rhinotank made its debut in Sonic Adventure, where it shows up in Emerald Coast for Sonic and E-102 Gamma.

Sonic Advance

A Rhinotank in Angel Island Zone.

The Rhinotank made a second appearance in Sonic Advance with the exact same purpose and attacks, though with a different design. They show up in Neo Green Hill Zone and Angel Island Zone


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