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Egg X
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Egg X
Game: Sonic Advance
Level: X-Zone
Hits to defeat: 8 (Normal) / 6 (Easy)

The Egg X is the seventh and final boss in Sonic Advance, which takes place in the X-Zone. This boss is protected at all times when it isn't attacking, and it has four types of attack:

  • By shooting a bomb at the player (with two different angles). Jump to avoid.
  • By firing a laser beam at the player. Duck or time your jump to avoid
  • By grabbing the player with a giant hand and then shake their rings away. Jump to avoid.
  • By running towards the player.

You can only inflict damage on this boss when Eggman's cockpit is out. You'll have to hit the cockpit eight times (six times if in easy mode). It's easiest to damage the boss during his grabbing attack, as his cockpit will stay open the longest during this time.

Amy, like the Egg Hammer Tank boss, has the easiest time damaging the "Egg X" with her mid-air downward attack (the Hammer Spin), and is capable of getting in AT LEAST three hits at a time before the weakness is concealed again.

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