Angel Island Zone (Sonic Advance)

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Angel Island Zone
Fifth level, Sonic Advance
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: ancient ruins
Secondary level theme: sky
Boss: Mecha Knuckles

Angel Island Zone is the fifth zone in Sonic Advance. This zone is very similar to Sonic 3's Sky Sanctuary Zone as it's an ancient ruins themed level with plant life covering the stone structure partially. It is also similar as it has clouds which you bounce off of when hit and causes your character to rotate in the same manner as in Sonic 3. The difficulty of the game really picks up on this level as there are many places where you can fall to your death.


  • Leon - Purple chameleons.
  • Wamu - Floating segmented worm like robots.
  • Stinger - Flying wasps from Sonic 2.
  • Rhinotank - Rhinos with the wheels of a tank.

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