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Sonic VS Shadow

There are two Sonic VS Shadow boss fights in Sonic Adventure 2. Both fights are in both stories, and happen at the same points in the story.

Sonic can also fight Shadow in the game's multiplayer mode, as a 2-player versus match.

1st Fight

Sonic VS Shadow
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Fought by: Sonic, Shadow

The first fight happens when Sonic meets Shadow in the jungle on the military island. Sonic confronts Shadow, calling him a faker due to Sonic taking the blame for Shadow's actions.

Level layout

The arena is themed to Green Forest, as Sonic runs off to said level after the fight, while Shadow enters from White Jungle, its counterpart. It is a fenced-in grassy platform with a indestructible box in the ground, similar to the breakable boxes covering holes in the main stages of both characters. Most noticeable differences are the fences, the absent platforms, and the water being at the same height as the platform itself, being far below in the actual level.

Attack patterns

Both Sonic and Shadow use the same attacks. No special attacks. The only thing you have to worry about is falling off the small arena, so be careful. Bear in mind, if you deflect an attack, the latter will not lose health.

  • 1st Attack: The usual Homing Attack. Simple to deflect, just counter with your own Homing Attack, or even a spin dash.
  • 2nd Attack: Spin Dash. Self-explanatory. Just jump over it, not difficult.

After the Battle

Once you win the fight, Eggman tells Shadow to get off the island, as it is going to blow up. Sonic overhears this, and Shadow and Sonic split up for the time being to escape the Island. On the Hero Side, Sonic traverses through Green Forest. Because Shadow went through White Jungle beforehand, he races to the safe to save Rouge and the Chaos Emeralds she procured.

Known Bugs

  • There are invisible boundaries at the edges of this map preventing the opponent character from falling out due to a dodged Homing Attack. This barrier, however, has a bug where, if done right, the character will try to follow the player out using Homing Attack and being stuck into the barrier and the Player homiing arround him, which, after some time when the player becomes slower, pushes the enemy out of the barrier causing him to fall into the pit. Strangely, the Pit acts as Death-Pit to the Enemy causing the Player to instantly win the fight. In the GameCube-Versions however, it was impossible for the enemy to get out of the barrier by any method.

2nd Fight

Sonic VS Shadow
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Fought by: Sonic, Shadow

Their second and last fight together happens on the Space Colony ARK at the end of both stories. Sonic is trying to destroy the Eclipse Cannon, while Shadow is trying to stop Sonic.

The fight is very different from their first encounter. The fight takes place on an endless highway, with the road behind them constantly falling, forcing them to stay at top speed for the entire fight.

This particular fight was re-imagined in Sonic Generations as the second rival battle.

Level layout

The level is themed to Final Rush/Final Chase. It´s a straight road collapsing behind the hedgehogs, forcing them to run forward or risk re-entry. There are also meteorites strewn about space, giving the level more detail and injuring players who collide with them.

Attack Patterns

Both Sonic and Shadow use the same attack, but with different names. The floor continuously falls behind you; think of Sonic and Knuckles's Kyodai Eggman Robo's second phase with the falling floors. If at any time the boss character falls too far behind the player, he will return to the front using Chaos Control.

  • 1st Attack: The usual Homing Attack. Simple to deflect, just counter with your own Homing Attack, or even a spin dash.
  • 2nd Attack: Spin Dash. Self-explanatory. Just jump over it, not difficult.
  • 3rd Attack: If the boss character gains too much of a lead, they will loose another attack: Sonic Wind for Sonic, or Chaos Spear for Shadow. When the boss character stops, he will activate his special ability. The attack is essentially a homing missile attack in the form of chaos energy. If you are about to be hit by said attack, somersault. DO NOT try to jump over it, as you will take damage.

The best way to attack this boss is to use the Homing Attack, Spin Dash, or Light Dash right into the boss. The best time to attack is when the opponent is stopped, either from re-spawning with Chaos Control or pausing to use their special move. Abusing the AI by intentionally falling back, then rushing forward when they pause to strike with a special move, is a risky but effective strategy.


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  • The first fight takes place on a platform set in Green Forest attire. Actually, the platform in question is a replica of an area about halfway through Sonic's stage, as is evidenced by Rings and Mono Beetles appearing in Sonic's after-battle cutscene. The platform is just before the second checkpoint.


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