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Egg Quarters
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Egg Quarters
Fifth dark storyline level, Sonic Adventure 2
Level theme: desert/western
Secondary level theme: industrial
Tertiary level theme: spooky/supernatural
Mission 1: Find the 3 Gate Keys!

Rank A 12,000 points
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: DCicon.png 168 GCicon.png 169)

Mission 2: Collect 100 rings!

Rank A 2:00
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Rank A 1:00
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 4: Find the keys within 3 minutes!

Rank A 13,000 points
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: DCicon.png 168 GCicon.png 169)

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!

Rank A 13,000 points
Rank B
Rank C
Rank D
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: DCicon.png 112 GCicon.png 113)

Radical Highway | Lost Colony

Egg Quarters is the fifth stage in the Dark story of Sonic Adventure 2 and the second stage playable with Rouge the Bat. It represents Rouge's attempt to find the Gate Keys and use them to break into Dr. Eggman's secret base (coming, as it does, at a point in the story where the other Dark side characters don't know who Rouge is).

After collecting some of the Master Emerald shards, Rouge heads to Eggman's stronghold and infiltrates it. Halfway in, she contacts an unknown party and reports about the base. Rouge also states that she preferred to be hunting for more Master Emerald shards, but since it's business before pleasure, she sets off to search for the Gate Keys and infiltrate the base deeper.

Level layout


Egg Quarters is an Egyptian indoors ruin themed level, with large murals and hieroglyphs. Since it's Eggman's base, his head appears in the three giant animal statues instead of theirs and his face emblazes the Gate Rouge is trying to find the Keys for.

The major gimmick of the level are two large, invulnerable beetle robots that patrol around the stage. If one gets close enough to the player, it will let off a series of five warning beeps, after which time Rouge will take damage unless she either gets a significant distance away from the robot, or hides in a shadowy area, before time runs out. Another major gimmick of the level are scorpion tapestries on the walls, that may or not lead to new locations, if dug into it's centre.

Other level specific objects include colour coded sarcophagus and golden and Egyptian themed boxes.

Level sections

Egg Quarters has four major sections and has a triangular shape.

  • The first section, in one of the triangle vertices, is called “Egg Scorpion chamber” and its colour coded red. Like every one of the chambers, it has a left, right and forward path, along with ledges close to the ceiling on the altar area. The left path will lead to the “Snake Altar room, the right path leads to a small cubic room and the forward path will lead to the “Egg Fish chamber”.
  • The second section is Egg Fish chamber mentioned above and its colour coded blue. The left path goes back to the Egg Scorpion Chamber, the right to the “Egg Snake chamber” and there’s a water shaft with s switch for the crusher on the bottom and forward path, which leads to a room with the crusher mentioned before, where the Pick Nails upgrade is.
  • The third section is Egg Snake chamber mentioned above and its colour coded green. The left path leads to a cubic room, the right to the Snake Altar Room and the forward path goes back to Egg Fish chamber.
  • The fourth section is Snake Altar room, with a raised dais surrounded by snakes breathing fire and high pillars. At the dais there’s a Mystic Melody, that warps to room and from there and beyond a painting to another similar to the first.

Hard Mode

Other versions

Egg Quarters is analogous to Knuckles' Death Chamber, both in theme, colour coded rooms and hallways, along with diggable paintings that lead to different sections, but is triangular shaped, considerably smaller and less complicated.

Egg Quarters also shares some of its Egyptian themes with Sonic's Pyramid Cave and less similar but still considerable, Eggman’s Sand Ocean and TailsHidden Base.


Type Series
GUN military force Beetle series: Gold Beetle
Eggman logo.svg Kiki, E-1000
Ghosts Boo



Animal Number Location
Bear.png 1 Egg Snake chamber: By whistling above the central table.
Gorilla.png 2 Egg Scorpion chamber: In an alcove with a coffin, opposite to the Egg Scorpion statue.
Snake Altar room: On one of the pillars surrounding the pillar.
Halffish.png 1 Snake Altar room: In the cage that needs to be destroyed by a bomb, closer to the green hallway.
Parrot.png 1 Egg Scorpion chamber: On the Egg Scorpion statue.
Skunk.png 1 Egg Scorpion chamber: By whistling close to gap on the wall, below the flower, in the square room to the right.
Random 4 Egg Scorpion chamber: In a pipe, located at the end of the hallway leading to the Snake Altar Room
Egg Fish chamber: In a pipe located at the top of the Egg Fish statue.
Egg Fish chamber: In a steel container to the right of the Pick Nails, in the correspondent room.
Egg Fish chamber: In one of the four wooden containers located below the crusher in the Pick Nails room.
Total 10
  • The level specific animal (third Chao container) is a Half Fish.

Big the Cat

At the Snake Altar room, climb up to the top of one of the six high pillars. Big can be seen above the level to the right and close to a flower, if the green hallway is at the north. Interestingly, in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, two rings take the place of where Big once was, as all of Big's stage cameos are removed in the remake. These rings cannot be obtained.

Chao containers

  • Egg Fish chamber: Below the southeast wooden container relative to the entrance of the room beyond the cages.
  • Egg Snake chamber: At the right cubic room.
  • Mystic Melody warp room: Behind the E-1000.

Gate Keys

Hard Mode

Gate Key Requirements Hints
#1 A cage you can't open.
Machine's path.
Try breaking the cage with something...
#2 The tail of the scorpion.
8 big snakes.
Rescue the scorpion from the cage!
#3 Treasure Scope A small room with feathers.
Bug's path.
Find the secret in the Egg Snake Chamber.
  • The first key is in a cage to the end of the boundary hallway between the Egg Scorpion Chamber and the Egg Fish Chamber, and closer to the latter. Destroy the cage by standing close to it so the Kiki nearby throws a bomb at it, or pick and transport any bomb thrown by any Kiki available in the level.
  • The second key is in the Snake Altar Room, inside the painting covered by the cages to the right (if the green hallway is to the north). Destroy the wooden and steel containers, then destroy the cages with a bomb that any Kikis throws and finally dig in the tail of the scorpion that was blocked before.
  • The third key is inside a cage located in an upper alcove at the Egg Snake Chamber. Put the Treasure Scope and then grab a bomb any Kiki throws. Head towards the Egg Snake Chamber and hit the spring that it's now visible and place the bomb to destroy the cage.

Gold Beetle

The Gold Beetle can be found behind the golden box located inside the left square room of Egg Snake chamber.

Lost Chao

In the Snake Altar room, there's a Mystic Melody at the centre of the six high pillars. The warp leads to another room, where the Chao is under the crusher that almost immediately falls upon it. If you're not faster than the crusher, than the Chao will be impossible to reach, and you need to find a way around it. On the left wall there's a scorpion painting, so dig through it to access another room identical to the last but filled with Kikis (there's a bomb item box in the northeast steel container). Below the steel container directly south of the northwest one is a switch that deactivates the crusher of the other room. Dig through the painting on the middle of the room to return to the previous room and it will be possible to reach the Chao.


Rouge's Pick Nails upgrade can be found here. It's in the room beyond the cages at the Egg Fish Chamber.


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  • The green light effects when the patrol robot appeared are removed in the GameCube version.
  • In the GameCube version, two rings lined up vertically appear on the fan in the main room where Big the Cat used to be in the Dreamcast version. They are impossible to obtain.
  • This is the only Dark stage to have Eggman's robots in it.

Level Maps


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