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Eggrobo Kart Racing is an official VMU download that was offered on the US website for Sonic Adventure 2. The download replaces Sonic's kart in the kart racing minigame with a model of Eggrobo. The course Eggrobo's download comes with is E-shaped, and the race track plays "E.G.G.M.A.N." instead of its regular background music. The VMS file takes up 55 blocks.

The included ZIP file includes both the VMI and VMS files necessary for loading on to a Sega Dreamcast.

Download.svg Download Eggrobo Kart Racing
File: Eggrobo Kart (26 kB) (info)

In the GameCube version, the Eggrobo can be unlocked in Kart Racing after completing all of Rouge's missions. While the character is unlocked, the special track isn't. Eggrobo can be selected under Rouge's character.

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