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Sonic Adventure 2 (Preview)
Prerelease of: Sonic Adventure 2
System: Sega Dreamcast
Build date: 2001-03-18
Source: GD-R disc
Found by: drx

Sonic Adventure 2 (Preview) for the Sega Dreamcast was a preview demo sent to the press to generate publicity. This version was more developed than The Trial.

When being booted up a warning saying that this is the demo version appears followed by a Title screen that is slightly different than final.

Various differences

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  • The most significant difference from final was the Menu screen. The menu is basic and allows you to choose a "side" to play as, Good or Bad. A 2 Player Versus option is also available.
  • The Good side (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) has four levels available. Sonic has two levels selectable, City Escape and Green Forest. Tails plays in Prison Lane, and Knuckles plays in Wild Canyon. The Bad side (Shadow, Rouge, and Eggman) have three levels available. Shadow Plays in the Radical Highway, Eggman plays in Sand Ocean, and Rouge plays in Dry Lagoon.
  • Another option on the Menu screen "2PV.S." gives you 3 stages to play in. You can play as Shadow or Sonic in Green Forest, Knuckles or Rouge in Wild Canyon, or Tails and Eggman in the Prison Island.
  • Much less Big the Cat cameos.
  • The Voices and music are mishmashed randomly together during cutscenes. Various sounds and voice clips from both English and Japanese tracks would sporadically play in random order, overlapping each other. Sound had not been programmed to go with the cutscenes at this point in time.
  • The attacks' names don't show up in vs. mode, you can still use them, but the only way to tell is if your character grunts.


  • Characters start the game with power-ups so Knuckles has weapons in opening cutscene.
  • The hint monitors for Rouge and Knuckles are functional, but no text is programmed in at this point.
  • Different sounds for : metal board sliding down road in City Escape, GUN robots activating and being deployed, connecting with rails, Tails and Eggman aiming their laser lock-on modules, whistling sound, swinging on Green Forest vines, getting animals.
  • All in-action voices are english, except Sonic's jumping noise is the japanese one
  • Knuckles and Rouge's climbing noises are very loud and incredibly different.
  • Speed Up shoes music has some different notes.
  • City Escape has no vocals, and while the general tune remains pretty much the same, many of the notes and riffs are completely different. It is quite different sounding than its final counterpart.
  • Dry Lagoon's music is muted, and there are crickets prominently chirping during play (different sounding and louder than in the final).
  • When getting a ranking at the end of a level, it plays the sound from when you get an emblem.

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