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The following are magazine articles for the Sega Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure 2.

File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg "What Next For... Sonic"
Short article confirming that Sonic Adventure 2 is in development.
Logo-pdf.svg "Access All Games: Sonic Adventure 2"
Single-page article about the game, with screenshots from City Escape.
Logo-pdf.svg "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure 2"
Logo-pdf.svg "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure 2"
Logo-pdf.svg "Access All Games: Sonic Adventure 2"
One-page preview of the game. The article mentions a demo disc bundled with copies of Phantasy Star Online.
SuperGamePower BR 089.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Detonado: Sonic Adventure 2"
Logo-pdf.svg "Bug Stomper: Sonic Adventure 2"
Short article describing how to see outside the confines of the level in Hidden Base.
Logo-pdf.svg "The Doghouse: Sonic Adventure 2"
Half-page article about Chao breeding.
Logo-pdf.svg "100 Best Games Ever: Sonic Adventure 2"
Short paragraph placing the game as the 47th best ever.
Logo-pdf.svg "Freeplay: Sonic Adventure 2"
Two reader-written reviews, giving the game 9/10 and 7/10.


Electronic Gaming Monthly (US) #132: "July 2000"

Full-length articles

Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK)

Birthday Bonanza

This article from the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine (issue #20, June 2001) mentions Sonic Adventure 2's release on Sonic's 10th birthday, along with a special tie-in Swatch watch.

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