Artificial Chaos P-1

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Artificial Chaos P-1
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Affiliation: G.U.N.

The Artificial Chaos P-1 (人工カオスP-1) is a GUN robot that appears in several ARK stages of Sonic Adventure 2 and part of the Artificial Chaos project.

They resemble Chaos with a mechanic head and naturally, their water body is invincible though their head is their weak point. They are by far the most accurate kind of enemy encountered in this game. There are three types for this model and they all award 200 points when destroyed:

The first is the normal type, which stands on a fixed point, either on the ground or hanging down from something. They are very difficult to hit from afar, but easier when very close. It attacks by quickly reaching out with long and tentacly arms in a circular pattern, so while some are quite slow at turning, their attack makes up for it. There are two sub-types of the normal type, one that fires lasers from their eyes only, which can be standing idly and fire when spots a character or rotating and firing continuously, and another who has both attacks (reaching out and lasers) at its disposal.

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic Crazy Gadget Crazy Gadget, Final Rush
Tails Eternal Engine
Knuckles Meteor Herd
Shadow Final Chase
Eggman Cosmic Wall
Rouge Mad Space

The second is the float type and it resembles a ball of water with the Artificial Chaos' head on top. It attacks by firing lasers out of its eyes. It has three sub-types: one that hovers in a fixed point, one who follows a default trajectory through the air, and another who's lower body splits into 100 tiny cell-like objects; one can either spend time attacking all of the cells, or annihilate the floating head, which automatically destroys all of them. Some of the first sub-type can do the reaching out attack as well.

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Sonic Final Rush Crazy Gadget, Final Rush
Tails Eternal Engine
Knuckles Meteor Herd
Shadow Final Chase
Eggman Cosmic Wall
Rouge Mad Space

The third is the guard type, which resembles a normal type, but with its head tucked inside of its body by default, rendering it immune to lock-on missiles and the Volkan Cannon (though it can still be destroyed with a punch at close range, or with a bomb power-up if it ever appeared in a stage that had one). When it spots an enemy, it lifts its head from its body and attacks with the reaching out attack. It's encountered in Eternal Engine and both Eggman's and Tails' part of Cannon's Core.


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