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Hidden Base
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Hidden Base
Tenth hero storyline stage, Sonic Adventure 2
Level themes: desert/western, ancient ruins
Mission 1: Find the entrance to Hidden Base!

Rank A 14,000 points
Rank B 12,000 points
Rank C 11,000 points
Rank D 10,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: DCicon.png 108 + 3 point markers GCicon.png 110 + 3 point markers)

Mission 2: Collect 100 rings!

Rank A 3:15
Rank B 3:30
Rank C 4:00
Rank D 4:30
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 3: Find the lost Chao!

Rank A 2:50
Rank B 3:15
Rank C 4:00
Rank D 4:30
Rank E Finish the mission

Mission 4: Reach the goal within 3 minutes 30 seconds!

Rank A 12,000 points
Rank B 11,000 points
Rank C 10,000 points
Rank D 8,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: DCicon.png 108 GCicon.png 110)

Mission 5: Clear Hard Mode!

Rank A 13,000 points
Rank B 11,000 points
Rank C 9,000 points
Rank D 8,000 points
Rank E Finish the mission
(total rings: 114 + 3 point markers)

Route 101 | Pyramid Cave

Hidden Base is the 10th stage in the Hero story of Sonic Adventure 2. It represents Tails' role in the heroes' trilogy of consecutive stages at Eggman's secret base.


Sonic and Tails meet Knuckles and Amy in the desert near a pyramid. Knuckles tells them he saw Eggman and Rouge go inside, and asks for Amy’s confirmation, which she complies to. Sonic deduces they can get to outer space from the base, and that he’ll be able to destroy the cannon as well, which Knuckles agrees to. Tails steps up and volunteers to find the entrance.


Hidden Base is desert themed, with an interesting concept of bottomless pit, since the level is constructed above sand where the Cyclone will sink into immediately if in contact, because the mecha is too heavy to sustain its weight above the surface. Since Sonic is lighter, he'll be able to escape the sand by repetitive jumping, as seen in the Egg Golem boss. It’s Egyptian themed as well, with large murals, hieroglyphs in small square platforms, and giant statues with an Eggman like head on top. Since it’s the gateway to Eggman’s base, there’s some allusion to it with flags, blocks or walls and gas tanks with his face emblazed on it, along with the already mentioned giant statues.

The major gimmicks of this level are large raised platforms with dynamite packs at the pillar that holds them, which destroyed will knock them off to form new paths and access other platforms and strange looking doors and cubes with Eggman’s face and that block the way, which can be destroyed easily with some shots of the Volcan cannon.

Other level specific objects include golden fans and Eggman gas tanks, already mentioned, that can be destroyed and jars that can be smashed.


Tails first starts inside a house of some sorts and past this there’s too ways, one to the left and another to the right, both ending up on a platform with dynamite packs that will lower down as they’re bust. Past this there’s another house and past a strange looking wall with Eggman’s face on it, there will be a set of three platforms with dynamite packs, another house, a tunnel and at the end of it a long path, another house and past it the first Point Marker.

Here there’s a path below with upreels, or a platform with dynamite packs beyond but either way they meet at a house. Past this there’s a sand section with high stone pillars, some consecutive platforms with dynamite packs intertwined with stone pillars and after an upreel, an area with Kikis on ledges. There are two paths here, the one to the right to a platform with dynamites and one on the left past a strange looking cube. Past the platform with dynamites, hovering will access another strange looking wall to the right or a strange looking cube to the left to a platform with some badniks and hovering to the platform beyond there’s the second Point Marker. Back at the ledges with Kikis, there’s a lower path here, which forks into a staircase section to the right that meets the end of the hover from the platform with dynamites, or a chamber beyond some steel containers, where Tails’ Mystic Melody upgrade is. There's a Mystic Melody here as well, which will open the door in front to another similar room. To the right there's an upreel that takes to the second Point Marker as well.

Past this there’s a chamber with an upreel, a two side ledge with upreels and a strange looking door. Past this there’s a labyrinth of some sorts, with pillars, strange looking doors or cubes and at the end the third Point Marker.

Beyond there’s another chamber with upreels and side ledges and after yet another strange looking door, there’s a Mystic Melody, that will reveal an entrance to a chamber very alike the one Tails came from, but it’s now descended upon instead of ascending. At the bottom there’s a small entrance, to yet another chamber shaped like this. Back at the Mystic Melody, there’s a path to the left, and past it there’s a hallway, that can be done by the left side and past some Eggman containers by hovering or from the right by hitting the spring inside the metal container and going down the ledge. Either way they meet at the end, to a chamber with upreels on the end of it to the right and a platform with dynamite packs. There’s more ledges here but they have springs this time around and past the strange looking door there’s the Goal.

Hard Mode

Other versions

Hidden Base and Eggman’s Sand Ocean are both in the same area, on the outskirts of the pyramid of Eggman’s base, so they share the level theme and various objects, with some small variants, though the first is set during the day while the latter is set at night. Their gimmicks are also very close to one another as well, with one having a progression path based on knocking down platforms or pillars to proceed forward. Sand Ocean also shares some of its desert and Egyptian themes with Sonic’s Pyramid Cave, the murals or the giant Eggman’s heads, and both KnucklesDeath Chamber and Rouge’s Egg Quarters, with hieroglyphs and Eggman statues scattered through the level.


Type Series
GUN military force Beetle series: Gold Beetle
Hawk series: Gun Hawk, Laser Hawk (Hard Mode), Sky Hawk
Badniks Kiki, Unidus



Animal Number Location
Penguin.png 2 Beginning: Amongst the vases in the northeast corner of the second house.
First Point Marker: On the tallest pillar, on the stone pillar section after the Point Marker.
Halffish.png 1 Second Point Marker: At the labyrinth by following the right doors or cubes.
Seaotter.png 3 First Point Marker: Amongst the vases to the northeast before the upreel with the Kikis on ledges.
Third Point Marker: To the left at the end of the labyrinth before this Point Marker.
Third Point Marker: Next to the three Eggman containers, before the last chamber before the Goal.
Skunk.png 2 Beginning: To the right, where Tails first starts.
Beginning: On the second alcove, to the right, inside the tunnel.
Tiger.png 2 Beginning: Below the steel container, at the two way path past the first house.
Beginning: On the first alcove, to the left, inside the tunnel.
Random 4 Beginning: In a pipe, located at the house before the Point Marker.
First Point Marker: In a pipe located at the end of the ledge to the right after the upreel leading to the Kikis on ledges.
First Point Marker: In a pipe located between the strange looking door and cube that lead to the two Unidus.
Second Point Marker: In a pipe located at the right and past the strange looking door at the top of the first chamber with an upreek.
Second Point Marker: In a pipe to the left, before the last strange looking door leading to the Point Marker.
Total 15
  • The level specific animal (third Chao container) is a Half-Fish.

Big the Cat

Just after the set of three collapsible platforms in a row, there are statues under construction on either side. Big is found sitting on the scaffolding of the statue on the right.

Chao Containers

  • Beginning: On the house before the Point Moraker and opposite of it, past the strange looking cube.
  • Second Point Marker: On the level below and before the Point Marker.

Gold Beetle

The Gold Beetle can be found just left and a bit to the back from the first Point Marker, accessible easily by using the first upreel.

Lost Chao

Past the third Point Marker and past the chamber with upreels and side ledges, there will be a Mystic Melody beyond a strange looking door. Activate it, drop down to the platforms above the sand below, go past the doorway, use the upreel and hit the springs to access the higher level.


Tails' Mystic Melody can be found in this level, though the Bazooka will usually be a prerequisite to finding it. It's located in a chamber past some steel containers to the lower level after the upreel with Kikis on ledges, after the first Point Marker.


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