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The Sonic Adventure 2 Christmas Theme is a VMU download for Sonic Adventure 2 which was available on the US version of the game's official website starting on November 30, 2001 but that works on the PAL versions just as well. By enabling the Christmas theme, the main characters of the game receive Christmas costumes during 2P gameplay, while the unlockable characters aren't accessible while it's active. The theme takes up 2 blocks in the VMU.

Sonic sports a red & white Santa jacket; Shadow favors the sleeveless Santa vest look; Tails' Cyclone and Eggman's Egg Mobile both get red & white peppermint paint jobs (Tails' walker writings change as well, identifying the walker as the Tornado III); Knuckles decorates his dreads with green stripes and bells (the stripes are a recycled theme from an official Christmas wallpaper); Rouge slips on a red & white boot/glove ensemble and paints her wings to match.

The included ZIP file includes both the VMI and VMS files necessary for loading on to a Sega Dreamcast.

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