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The Hawk, ホーク, are a series of robots part of GUN's military force and that appear in Sonic Adventure 2. They are strange looking aircrafts of some sort, with twin engines mounted on each side with a set of spikes, and with the number 04 emblazed on them. They tend to hover in place while iddle, but when they spot a character, they fire their guns while moving vertically and sometimes horizontally as well, to adjust their position and to try and hurt the enemy with their spikes. There are four models, each constructed upon the most basic of Hawks, the Gun Hawk.

  • Gun Hawk - Basic model with a projectile gun. - 200 points
  • Laser Hawk - A Gun Hawk with a laser gun. - 200 points
  • Gum Hawk - A Gun Hawk with a stun gun and wings. - 200 points
  • Sky Hawk - A Gun Hawk with wings. - 200 points


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