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Rocket Launcher
First seen: Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Users: Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Eggman, Chao Walker, Dark Chao Walker
Type: Attack

The Rocket LauncherMedia:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[1] (ロケットランチャーMedia:SonicAdventure2 DC JP manual.pdf[2]) is a special attack used by the mech-shooting characters in Sonic Adventure 2 and its re-releases.


The Rocket Launcher can be used in the 2P Battle mode when a player has collected at least 40 Rings (30 when playing as the Chao Walker), and a rectangular missile silo will appear at the back of the mech to signify it is ready. The player can then press B to deploy the attack, firing twelve missiles into the air that will home in on the opponent. To avoid this attack, the opponent must run away, as the missiles will all disappear if they take too long to reach their target.

The Chao Walker's version of the move is called the Rumble LauncherMedia:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[3], and the Dark Chao Walker's version is called the Hell BomberMedia:SA2B GC US manual.pdf[4]. When used by the Dark Chao Walker, more missiles will be fired into the air than with other characters.

Tails and Dr. Eggman will also use the Rocket Launcher in their second boss battle against each other in Story mode. In this case, the opposing character will start using it when his health has dropped below half. To avoid it, the player must keep moving until the missiles eventually disappear.

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