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Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Maximum rings: 12
Hits to defeat: 4
Fought by: Shadow

B-3x HOT SHOT is a Heavy-Armed Combat Walker robot, part of the G.U.N. military force. It's controlled by an agent of said organization and is essentially a F-6t BIG FOOT with a laser cannon attached to the bottom of the cockpit. It's the first boss encountered in the Dark side story of Sonic Adventure 2 and fought by Shadow after he's released by Eggman and both are interrupted by GUN.

The boss arena is squares and has twelve wooden containers, stacked in identical groups of three at the four corners, each with two of them stacked upon the other, and which will be eventually all be destroyed by bullets. The walker can leave the arena and he's unreachable by Shadow while there.

HOT SHOT's behaviour and attacks are the same as BIG FOOT, plus a long-range laser cannon. Once it's ready to use, a red target will appear around Shadow, which can follow if he moves but is quite easy to escape. Around four seconds later, it fires to where the target is. If successfully hit while in this configuration, it will take off and start its pattern over again, regardless of having fired its cannon or not. Another difference is that it always does half a figure-eight per Gatling gun round.

  • Pattern 1 (0 hits): Gatling gun alternated with Air-to-Surface Missile barrage (three rounds of four).
  • Pattern 2 (1 and 2 hits): Beam Cannon volley, Gatling gun, Missile barrage (three rounds of four), repeat.
  • Pattern 3 (3 hits): Three Beam Cannon volleys alternated with a Missile barrage (three rounds of four).

Like the BIG FOOT, the weak point of the HOT SHOT is the cockpit. Contrarily to Sonic, Shadow cannot reach higher as he doesn't have a bouncing attack. He can only hit Hot Shot once it lands or by using the wooden containerss as a means of reaching the cockpit.


These specifications appear in-game as scrolling text at the very start of the boss fight:

General Characteristics

  • Combat weight: 116,900 lbs.
  • Dimensions
    • Full length: 16.6 ft.
    • Width: 10.2 ft.
    • Height: 18.1 ft.
  • Power Plan1: GUN F-series Diesel Engine / Two GUN R-series turbofan engines


  • Road: 42 mph
  • Air: 90 mph (?)


  • One 200mmm Long-Range Beam Cannon
  • One M-32A1 22mm Gatling gun
  • Two four AIM-120C Advanced Medium-Range air-to-surface Missiles

Crew: One


  • Chobham-type armor on glaois and turret and armored bulkheads between turret and engine
  • Depleted uranium armor in production
  • Automatic fire detection and suppression
  • Collective overpressure Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection
  • GVDR-1A radiological warning device

Other appearences

In Shadow the Hedgehog's Iron Jungle, Eggman's robots are under attack from a pursuing force of GUN mechas. If Shadow is being accompanied by Eggman's Drone, the Doctor will remark "That's just like the Big Foot from Prison Island!". Robotnik is apparently getting the Big Foot and the Hot Shot mixed up, as it was Hot Shot he and Shadow fought on Prison Island.

The B-3x HOT SHOT appears in episode 34, Sonic the Fugitive (EN: Shadow Knows) and it serves the same purpose as the game, though it’s only shown as part of a recorded video shown to Scarlet Garcia and Mr. Stewart. It shows the HOT SHOT (complete with cannon), surprising Eggman and Shadow after the first releases the second from the capsule. Then Shadow punches the cockpit, apparently defeating it with ease. In the card information that is displayed in the Japanese version, its dimensions are 3.4m (height) per 4.8m (width (?)), while its weight is 9.6t.


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