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The following are magazine articles for the Sega Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure 2.

File Date Source Title and comments
CVG UK 219.pdf "What Next For... Sonic"
Short article confirming that Sonic Adventure 2 is in development.
CVG UK 224.pdf "Access All Games: Sonic Adventure 2"
Single-page article about the game, with screenshots from City Escape.
ODCM US 07.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure 2"
ODCM US 11.pdf "Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure 2"
CVG UK 232.pdf "Access All Games: Sonic Adventure 2"
One-page preview of the game. The article mentions a demo disc bundled with copies of Phantasy Star Online.
SuperGamePower BR 089.pdf SuperGamePower BR 089.pdf "Detonado: Sonic Adventure 2"
CVG UK 239.pdf "Bug Stomper: Sonic Adventure 2"
Short article describing how to see outside the confines of the level in Hidden Base.
CVG UK 239.pdf "The Doghouse: Sonic Adventure 2"
Half-page article about Chao breeding.
CVG UK 240.pdf "100 Best Games Ever: Sonic Adventure 2"
Short paragraph placing the game as the 47th best ever.
CVG UK 240.pdf "Freeplay: Sonic Adventure 2"
Two reader-written reviews, giving the game 9/10 and 7/10.

Full-length articles

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Next Month (June 2000)

This clip just previews the content of next months magazine.

Sa2 ElectronicGamingMonthly-June2000.jpg

Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK)

Birthday Bonanza

This article from the UK Official Dreamcast Magazine (issue #20, June 2001) mentions Sonic Adventure 2's release on Sonic's 10th birthday, along with a special tie-in Swatch watch.

Sa2 theroy0002.JPG