Nestor the Wise

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Nestor the Wise
First seen: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)
Species: Echidna
Gender: Male
Age: Over 4,000 years old

Nestor, known to Knuckles as Nestor the Wise, is a famous Nocturnus Clan echidna historian encountered on the Twilight Cage's Kron Colony during Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Personality and traits

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According to Knuckles, Nestor's historical writings from four thousand years ago were some of the best sources of information on ancient echidna civilizations. It is with great surprise that the Master Emerald guardian discovers the elderly sage still alive, and living in a cave on the Kron planetoid. Nestor divulges that he was exiled from the Nocturne for speaking out against Pir'Oth Ix's imperialistic policies, and so came to live amongst the Kron when he heard they were formenting rebellion.

Nestor provides one of the longest side-quests in Sonic Chronicles: he asks the team to gather up any artifacts of the Nocturne they find throughout the Cage, in an effort to spruce up his rocky abode and combat homesickness. In exchange, Nestor translates Precursor tablets found by Sonic and friends, providing some information on the history of the Twilight Cage. After translating all the tablets, Nestor appears to have a mild breakdown while considering the ramifications of an apparently omnipotent and malevolent Argus.


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