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Unused content

Special Stage Art

These are various graphics that can be found inside the game's disc.

Artwork Name Description
Sa2leftovermode2pvs hero.jpg 2p VS mode graphic Unused 2PVS menu system texture.
Sa2leftovermode2pvs dark.jpg 2p VS mode graphic Unused 2PVS menu system texture.
Sa2leftoverbossat button all.jpg Text These probably go over the top of the previous graphics to make the menu selection. It seems that ??? was used to cover the menu selection for "All" until it is unlocked. In the final game nothing is shown shown until it is unlocked.
Sa2leftovermodeselect all.jpg Mode Select Graphics Leftover graphics from Sonic Adventure 2 (Preview).

Big the Cat

In certain cutscenes, Big the Cat is viewable via pressing buttons at a certain time. For example, in the Dreamcast version of the game, In the cutscene after fighting Knuckles/Rouge, press A and B again and again to make Big appear and walk around.

Big also makes an appearance hidden in each stage. In fact, his appearances were so obscure that the development team for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle seems to have forgotten to port him, with many of his former spots being occupied by placeholder objects (Pointing to Rings) using his object ID.

Trial Version leftovers

Sa2leftoveralerttitle.jpg Sa2leftovertrialtitle.jpg Sa2leftovertento menu.jpg Sa2leftovertentoending.jpg

Leftover menu elements and screens from Sonic Adventure 2: Trial Version.

2p VS Menu

Sa2leftovermode2pvs stgsel e i.jpg Sa2leftovermode2pvs stgsel e.jpg

Green Hill is listed among text for 2P vs. stages. In-game however, the list doesn't scroll down this far. If it's forced to do so, Green Hill can be selected and is fully functional as a 2 Player stage.

Early Menu 1

Early menu system in English and Japanese. Note how Playground and Library are listed, but were not a part of the final game. The Black market was also unused in this game, but were used in the updated GameCube port. A Black market was actually available in the Dreamcast version but was only accessable on a website.

Early Menu 3

Sa2leftovermainmenu button.jpg

These graphics were used for another menu system. Rather than drawing out the text the text would have been placed on top of these.

Lost Tutorial Screens

World Ranking System

There are a few remnants of a World Ranking system in the game disc. It was in Sonic Adventure but it was left out of this game. The following text could be found in Advertise.prs. advsng_3.adx refers to the regular menu music which would have been used here also.

wr_rankbtn_e wr_rankbtn_j

After further digging in the disc more text is revealed which would display onscreen. There was a login and registration (probably to reduce cheating). The rankings could have been searched by country and name. It referred to the world ranking system as "The Sonic Network." The text was translated into numerous languages such as French, German, Japanese, Spanish.

Display or update world ranking
Press Y-button to update data.
Time Attack world ranking
Score Attack world ranking
Emblem world ranking
Total ranking
View stage world ranking
Edit your comments
Network registration is required
to enter world rankings.
Use latest browser to register
on the network.
Connecting to the Internet.
While connected to the network,
you will be charged a telephone
fee and ISP connection fee.
If you are using the ISAO Net
with a phone prefix number starting
with 0990, the telephone fee will be
10 yen for 3 minutes in accordance
with the Dial Q2 system.
Please refer to manual
for more information.
Do you want to connect? <Yes><No>
Connecting to the Internet
While connected to the network,
you will be charged a telephone
fee and ISP connection fee.
Do you want to connect?
Dialing �–�–�–�|�–�–�–�|�–�–�–�– <Cancel>
Enter "ISP" ID and password ID<++> Password<++>
Unable to find modem.
Check modem connection.
The line is busy.
Dialing next phone number.
Please try again later.
Check modem settings.
Unable to dial.
Check modular cable connection,
or modem settings.
Unable to connect. The line is busy.
Please check the modem settings
and try again later.
Unable to connect to server.
Server authentication failed.
Check ID and password.
Disconnected due to no activity.
While connected to the network, you will be charged a telephone
Do you want to connect?
Now connected to the Sonic Network.
The server is busy.
Please try connecting again later.
Updating the database.
This may take several minutes. <Cancel>
Cancel data connection? <Yes><No>
Are you sure you want to disconnect?
Your rank has increased to
number <++> in total ranking.
Your rank has decreased to
number <++> in total ranking.
Your ranking has increased to
number <++> in <++> score attack.
Your ranking has increased to
number <++> in <++> time attack.
Your rank has increased to
number <++> in emblem ranking.
Your ranking has decreased to
number <++> in <++> score attack.
Your ranking has decreased to
number <++> in <++> time attack.
Your rank has decreased to
number <++> in emblem ranking. <++>
Use this E-mail address
for confirmation?
(You can set E-mail address
for receiving info later.)
No E-mail setting on Dreamcast.
Use latest browser to change
Email settings. Are you <++>?
Enter your password. <Enter><Cancel><Forgot password>
Your password is incorrect.
Enter password again. <Enter><Cancel><Forgot password>
Do you want to receive
your password via E-mail?
Mail was sent to
your E-mail address.
Please check your mail.
Welcome to the Sonic Network.
Enter your user name.
12 characters maximum
length for user name. <Enter> <Cancel>
User name already exists.
Enter password if you
want to use this user name.
Next, enter password.
Passwords must be at least 5
characters, maximum is 12. <Enter><Back>
Set E-mail account.
If you forgot your password,
your password can be mailed to you. <Enter><Cancel>
Do you want to share your E-mail
address with other users?
If you don't, select "No".
Select country and area
where you live. Country:<++> Area:<++>
The Sonic Network is a public area to
exchange information with other users
around the world. Please try to
conduct yourself in a civil manner.
Warnings may be issued to users and
users may be ask not to use our
service, if activities violate the
rules of the Sonic Network.
<++>'s Registration complete.
Display ranking from the top.
List specified ranking.
Search ranking by user name.
List ranking by country or area.
Enter ranking you want to see.
Enter user name you want to search.
Enter country you want to list. Country<++> Area<++>
You can see user information.
Press B-button to go
back to list screen.

The images below display remnants of the world ranking system also:

Black Market

The menu in the first picture indicates the presence of a Black Market. The second picture was actually from Sonic Adventure 2's website. The textures shown in the third picture were extracted from AL_STG_KINDER_BL_TEX.PRS on the game disc.


The first picture shown can be found in-game and provides solid proof of a Chao Playground existing at some point. The second picture actually shows some textures which were extracted from AL_STG_KINDER_PL_TEX.PRS on the game disc.


These images show an unused Library for the Chao Kindergarten. The models are found in CHAOSTGKINDER.PRS and the textures in AL_STG_LI_TEX.PRS.

Unused Themes

The following images show various themes which can be found on the disc, but are not usable.

The nexus memory card save containing one theme can be downloaded below:

Level Maps

Hidden inside the disc is early maps of various levels. These maps don't go into very much detail and in a few cases disagrees with the level layout found in the final game.

Debug Menu

The debug menu, in Sonic Adventure 2.

There is a debug menu in all versions of the game which is accessible by hacking.
In the Dreamcast version, you can replace ADVERTISE.PRS with TITLE.PRS.
In the GameCube version, you can replace advertiseD.rel with titleD.rel or use the NTSC-US Action Replay code


In the PC version, you can use a memory editor to go to 434687 and change CC 76 8B 00 to 98 8F 8B 00. The code to display the menu items onscreen was removed in the PC version, but it still functions.
The menu has the following options to choose from:

  1. GAME:1P ONLY - Play a level with one player.
  2. GAME:2P 3POINTS MATCH - Play a level with two players until one player wins three times.
  3. GAME:2P 1POINT MATCH - Play a level with two players.
  4. TEST:EVENT - View cutscenes.
  5. DEMO:1P ONLY - Record a demo with one player. Press Start to end the recording.
  6. DEMO:2P - Record a demo with two players. Press Start to end the recording.
  7. DEMO:LOOK PREVIOUS TAKEN ONE - Replay the previously recorded demo. (But it doesn't remember what stage you went in though so you'll have to use cheats!)
  8. PLAY:FROM HERO - Play the story mode on the Hero story.
  9. PLAY:FROM DARK - Play the story mode on the Dark story.
  10. PLAY:FROM LAST - Play the story mode on the Last story.

The GAME and DEMO options will ask you to choose a character or character set and a level. The list of levels includes all that character's normal stages, the test level (listed as BASIC TEST), Chao World (misspelled as CHAO WARLD) and occasionally SONIC TEST or KNUCKLES TEST, which do not exist in any released version of the game, and crash if you try to select them.
The Event Test not only lists all the events and allows you to view them, you can also stop cutscenes with the B button, and speed them up or slow them down with the shoulder buttons, even making them run in reverse. Video of cutscene viewer

Unused Mission Text

Within the file containing the text for each level's missions, two stages have unused text. For level 0, the test level:

  • 1st Mission: Make sure we debug this!
  • 2nd Mission: Find 100 bugs!
  • 3rd Mission: Find bugs that you couldn't find!
  • 4th Mission: Debugged in 2 minutes!
  • Last Mission: Try bug 0!

For level 2, a level which does not exist in any released version of the game:

  • 1st Mission: This stage is cool!

These texts can be seen ingame via RAM editing in the PC version.

Super Sonic and Shadow in 2P Mode

NOTE: The following information applies to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle only.

Within the game's text, there are lines indicating that Super Sonic and Super Shadow were meant to be unlockable characters in the game's 2P Vs. mode.

You've cleared Green Hill with Rank A.
Strongest characters are now available 
to use in Sonic and Shadow 2P versus mode.

In the final game, completing Green Hill with an A rank doesn't give you anything.

Powered by the 
7 Chaos Emeralds.
Amazing speed and moves,
but dies if rings are lost.
Powered by the 
7 Chaos Emeralds.
Amazing speed and moves,
but dies if rings are lost.

These lines are similar to the descriptions for the other characters in 2P mode.

Unused Chao Doctor Lines

In the dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 the Chao Doctor in the Kindergarten describes the player's Chao with a variety of text that was removed in subsequent ports. Among the lines the Chao Doctor uses are those that describe the player character's relationship with the Chao. Surprisingly, when viewing the game's files it can be seen that the Chao Doctor also contains lines for Amy:

Looks like this Chao likes Amy a lot.
Looks like this Chao likes Amy.
Looks like this Chao wants to be friends with Amy.
Looks like this Chao doesn't like Amy.
Looks like this Chao hates Amy.

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