Revenge of the Robot

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Sonic X episode #31
"Revenge of the Robot"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Moriwaki
Production no.: 031
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
Head's Up, Tails! | Flood Fight

"Revenge of the Robot", known as "Sasurai no Gamma" (さすらいのガンマ) in Japan, is the thirty-first episode in the first season of Sonic X. This episode is the fifth part of the series' adaptation of Sonic Adventure.


As Tails heads off to retrieve the X-Tornado, E-102 Gamma engages in serious introspection. Recalling Amy's kindness towards him, and the cruel treatment his fellow E-series robots suffered under Dr. Eggman, he decides not to obey Eggman any longer and resolves to save his teammates.

Meanwhile, Sonic encounters the spirit of Tikal, who leads him into the Lost World ruins. Sonic sees the carving depicting Perfect Chaos and experiences a flashback to the destruction of the Master Emerald shrine. Once back outside, he sees Eggman fly past and follows him into his Final Egg base. Inside, he encounters Eggman and fights against the Egg Viper. The Viper is destroyed, along with Final Egg, but Eggman escapes.

Amy and Lily set off for the Egg Carrier to free Lily's family. Gamma, having defeated and shut down Delta and Epsilon, also returns to the Egg Carrier, reasoning that his remaining siblings must be there. On the Egg Carrier, Amy runs into Decoe, Bocoe, and ZERO, but runs into a control room and locks the door before they can catch her. Examining the screens there, she sees that Lily's siblings are inside Gamma and Beta. As she fights her way back out, Gamma shuts down Zeta and confronts Beta, who puts up a challenging fight. Amy finds the robots fighting and urges them to stop, but Gamma defeats Beta at that very moment.

Although Beta explodes upon death, the bird at his core is released unharmed. Gamma then considers his mission complete and self-terminates, releasing his own bird. Lily reunites with her family, and Amy thanks Gamma, reflecting that he and his brothers are now together again.

As Eggman fumes over his latest defeat, he encounters Chaos. Chaos' arrival, combined with the gathering thunderstorm in progress, ends the episode on an ominous note.


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  • As Gamma erases the "Master" status from Delta, the green text that appears is a paragraph describing MUD games.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Revenge of the Robot Revenge of the Robot
Japanese さすらいのガンマ Sasurai no Gamma
Portuguese A Vingança do Robô Revenge of the Robot

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