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Sonic X episode #72
"Zelkova Strikes Back"
Production no.: 072
Country: Japan
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2005-04-12 €? ?
2006-03-18 $? ?

The Truth of the Metarex is the 20th episode in the second season, and the 72nd overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Zelkova Strikes Back.


Yellow Zelkova attacks the Blue Typhoon, equipped with a special energy shield built by Dr. Eggman. Sonic attempts to stop him, but is unable to break through the shield. Picking up where they left off, Zelkova and Knuckles get into a fierce battle, during which Knuckles smashes Zelkova's knee and breaks the spurs on one of his gloves.

Using a cable from the Blue Typhoon, Sonic and the others channel lightning to overload Zelkova's shield. Zelkova's mechanical outer body is destroyed, revealing the Seedrian form beneath. Zelkova attacks, but is knocked into a nearby lava pit by Knuckles. Pale Bay Leaf informs Eggman of Zelkova's demise, mocking the failure of his shield.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Zelkova Volta a Atacar Zelkova Attacks Again

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