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Sonic X episode #63
"Station Break-In"
Production no.: 063
Country: Japan
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2005-03-21 €? ?
2005-11-29 $? ?

The Space Stronghold, Metal Plant is the 11th episode in the second season, and the 63rd overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as Station Break-In.


The Crimson Egg and Blue Typhoon both zero in on the location of the last two Chaos Emeralds: they are inside a huge Metarex space station. Neither team has any good idea how to get inside, so Eggman breaks the silence by hailing them and suggests that they work together. Sonic and his friends suspect a trap, but accept the agreement. Eggman proposes that two teams break in: one consisting of Shadow, Rouge, and one Blue Typhoon crewmember, who will enter with Chaos Control and disable the defense systems. Afterwards, the main force will attack, and the Chaos Emeralds will go to whoever can grab them first. Chris volunteers to represent his ship on the first team.

As Chris meets up with Shadow and Rouge, he returns Shadow's limiters and explains their purpose, and how Shadow lost them. Shadow shows no indication that he remembers the battle at Space Colony ARK, and accepts them only to avoid passing out again. As Sonic and the others prepare their smaller crafts for the attack, Dr. Eggman brings Decoe and Bocoe with him to examine the ships, and secretly places devices on them.

Rouge decides to throw Shadow off guard so she can search for the Emeralds alone, so she prompts Chris to begin reminiscing about their escape from Prison Island. That jogs Shadow's memory, especially when Rouge mentions Maria. Rouge's attempt to slip away draws the attention of the Metarex, but the ensuing battle blows open a route to the control room, where they are able to knock out the defense systems. The main attack force departs, consisting of Sonic and Knuckles in the X-Tornado, Amy in her own ship with Cosmo, and Eggman in his hoverpod with Decoe and Bocoe. Cosmo, Sonic, and Knuckles each bring Chaos Emeralds with them.

Eggman activates the device he planted, causing the X-Tornado and Amy's ship to go out of control. The three Emeralds change hands a few times in the confusion, but they end up with Sonic eventually, and he, Amy, and Cosmo all arrive at the central chamber housing the last two Emeralds. The chamber also contains a Planet Egg that is being crystallized by the Emeralds. As Sonic and his friends take this in, Dark Oak appears, and Sonic recognizes him from their battle above his home planet. They stare each other down as the episode ends.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Invasão da Estação Station Invasion

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