The Volcanic Venture

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Sonic X episode #48
"The Volcanic Venture"
Written by:
Directed by: Mihiro Yamaguchi
Production no.: 048
Country: Japan
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2004-02-29 ¥? ?

Sonic VS The Underground Monsters is the 48th episode in the first season of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as The Volcanic Venture.


After his defeat in the last episode, Dr. Eggman has fled into the volcano at the world's bellybutton. Sonic and his allies prepare to pursue him with the X-Cyclone. Rouge is reluctant to go underground at first (it would ruin her skin, and it's much more a task for an echidna) but when Mr. Tanaka uncovers a sample of harahirecon--a beautiful gemstone material used by the ancient Murasians--she becomes much more enthusiastic.

Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge find the dirt inside the volcano to be unstable, so they make slow progress through narrow passages rather than tunneling. After travelling past lava flows and through an underground river, they arrive at an underground city of Murasian ruins, lit by an artificial sun made of harahirecon. Professor Atsumi explains that the Murasians attributed their city's demise to a dragon god, which doesn't scare Rouge or Knuckles in the least.

Eggman is camping in the ruins, and sends Decoe and Bocoe to forage for food. They find what appears to be a large red fruit, but it is actually the end of a massive moth's antennae. Chris tries to help the fleeing robots, but all three of them fall into a deep pit and land right at Eggman's feet.

Meanwhile, Professor Atsumi and Chuck watch for signs of the volcano's activity. The volcano serves to let off pressure on the world's bellybutton, and it is due to erupt soon. They advise Sonic and his friends that they will have to leave soon to avoid the eruption. Sonic and Rouge head off to find Chris as Eggman zeroes in on the location of the world's bellybutton. As he prepares to set a detonator, Bokkun arrives in a panic, leading a massive, ancient drill robot that emerged from the volcano. Eggman and Bokkun escape, leaving Decoe, Bocoe, and Chris behind with Rouge as the volcano begins erupting. Rouge's attacks are ineffective, so Chris runs to the detonator and tries to lead the robot to him.

Decoe and Bocoe decide it is time to repay Chris for his help against the moth. For a moment, they plan on transforming into a large and impressive mech...but when they attempt the feat, they find that they can't actually do it. The robot knocks them into pieces with his tail as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles arrive in the X-Tornado. Sonic plants the detonator, and the robot explodes, triggering the volcano. Sonic and his friends all escape to Chris' boat, though for the moment, it seems that Decoe and Bocoe were unable to leave in time.

As the friends consider the robots' apparent sacrifice, Chris calls their names in a mournful gesture...and they emerge from the back of the boat with Tails and Chuck, who have brought them along and repaired them. They express their gratitude and declare that they are fed up with Eggman's selfishness--and they are leaving him!

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese A Aventura Vulcânica The Volcanic Adventure

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